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A farm to take care of and a drinking father how is our young protagonist going to handle things...

Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016






My father takes me to a lot of places, near the village, around the village and sometimes even outside of it. It is a good opportunity for a girl of my age and I consider myself lucky. I can go to billy’s pub he likes to serve for free a glass of wiskey to my father and I can get a lemonade. The place is usually full of workers in the end of day. There is a factory in the village called the potatoe, it does’nt produce potatoes but bolts for cars, strange name right ? They say that billy chosed it because he likes potatoes with grilled cheese on top of it.  Today is a special day my father said , he wants to show me how to turn the soil, feed the animals and basically how the farm works. I wanna be a doctor , my father has only one child which turns to be me, he wanted to have a boy he always mutter :

"Women are created to stay at home, cook and take care of their children"

I disagree .

On the field he starts to milk a cow with his hands we haven’t got enough money for a milking machine. My mother died two years ago brain cancer the doctor said there was nothing to do. I was 12 years old it was diffficult for me to realize, now that she’s gone the house isn’t like it used to. My father drinks more he arrives late from billy’s pub sometimes I even get a call saying that I have to go and pick him because he is not standing on his feet. I drive to the pub and take him to home, sometimes he aks and says to me who teaches you to drive, do you know how to read, who let you go to school. ?Is he touched by alzeihemer disease when he drinks ? I can’t say.

I take his shoes off, he wore the same socks for a week it stinks, I wash him with water and soap if I don’t do it he isnt going to wash himself. He invited friends for the night and asked me to clean the house and prepare something to eat, I don’t cook, I open cans heat them and put it on plates.

Billy his wife and John arrived, a pie on her hands Billy’s wife gave it to me « Put it on the kitchen for dessert » What she doesn’t know we haven’t got a kitchen , after my mother died my father transformed it into a garage he left the stove in the middle of car tools, bikes , not very hygienic .. that’s one of the reasons why I don’t cook .

Around the table, Billy’s wife looks at me and says  "My name is Katy by the way, my husband told me a lot about you, You should come more often in the pub" smiling at me  "do you go to school ?" My father start laughing."School is useless for her she’s gonna work for me ,I can barely stand on my feet now"  -I try not to look down.

"I want to be a doctor dad" everybody starts laughing-

"You left school two years ago remember ha it’s too late now enough of your jokes now go get the dessert !"

"It’s an apple pie" katy says with her rounded eyes.

I go to the kitchen garage take the pie looked at it, I felt a tear rolling down my cheek I shudder I am disgust.

"Where is it !" my father shouts from the other room.

I start walking  I feel heavy all of sudden, my nerves were so tight .

 "See it’s beautiful I made it with fresh apples from the garden, it’s gonna compensate the dinner I must admit your daughter isn’t meant to be a cooker" everybody laughs again I tightened the pie and throw it against the wall, my father screams. "Are you out of your mind you miserable piece of shit!"

I start running running I go outside the farm it’s dark, I see nothing I run , I cry, I don’t feel anything I went barefoot.

The next day, My father shouts at me "where have you been all night long"

"Look at me when I speak to you"

"I have nothing to say, I was in the forest" I said fearfully.

" I can beat you for what you did yestarday, throwing Katy’s pie on the wall you embarrased me, your mother would be ashamed of you" he replied.

I looked at him in the eyes  "Don’t you dare talk about mum look at yourself drinking yourself to die everynight, the farm is collapsed and I left school for the sake of your legacy but where is it look around you hun ?" 
His lips were shaking ,his eyes were all red I figured he didn’t know what to say, he looked at me and went outside-
As I was inside I saw his shadow through the window, it was 8am the sun was rising-
He took something from the floor, I couldnt say what it was it was long.

Suddenly I heard "A Pow", It was a gunshot, he took the hunting weapon-
I run into him he shot himself in the head, there was no face anymore, fragments of the brains were all over the floor, I touched him the blood was hot. I am alone now I thought how could he do that to me- Birds were singing the wind was whistling I raised my head I couldn’t cry.

I went to my room took my clothes in a bag and left the farm. I was walking without looking back my hands were dirty with blood, I didn’t realize yet I thought about my mother but what I was sure about was that I didn’t want to go back in this miserable farm.


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