What a bloody lovely afternoon

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Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016



A lovely afternoon for a patrol around our Family's garage stores. Everyone seems to look busy with their own task. Everything seems like as it should be. At least that's what I wanna believe. The air seemed tense. More than usual, actually. Probably because my boys and I are around, I thought. But that itching feeling on my goatee just isn't backing down on my claims. Come to think of it, hardly anyone ever looked my way, even if it was just a short glance. Something's wrong.

Just as that thought floated through my mind, I heard someone screamed. One of the oil duct pipes a few feet away from me crumbled and out flowed the black oil with some other big chunks of something. The workers quickly came to fix the incident but froze halfway. I looked away in disgust as soon as I realised the reason for the worker's stupor. Those chunks that flowed along with the black oil were dismembered body parts of people. Yes, people. Not one person. People.


I glanced over my shoulder to see my subordinate's similar disgust of the whole situation. They waited for my instructions.

"Get a direct line to the main house," I sighed. "The rest, handle the traffic. I'll talk to our boss myself."

Their eyes began to harden with resolve, nodded with a ‘Yes sir!’, and went to do as they were told. I didn't dare look back at the bodies. Pretty pathetic for a mafia goon to be afraid of a little corpse. Then again, I didn't choose to be one in the first place.

"What a lovely afternoon," I sighed again. "What a bloody lovely afternoon."

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