4. Marsh of Sincerity

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This fifth track, contains our band name cool huh, it's intended to be the highlight if the album, about, love. Despair. Tragedies, and all that jazz


Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016



Song: 4. Marsh Of Sincerity
Album: IAWNA
Release Date: 4th September, 2016

I held you're hand, 
You never said don't,
I hold you're hand,
And never let go,

The fall was my fault,
I sold my soul,
For fortune and fame(For fortune and fame) now I, 
And now I lost it all!

All the money, and the fame, and conflicting memories, of us, and now, we stand tall, Alone and gone!

I held you're hand,
You never said don't,
I held you're hand 
And promised to never let go!

I close my eyes in desolation, of equality within the nation, but now you are abandoned, I will miss you, sincerity, I apologies with no apologies!

I held you're hand
And never let go
I felt the blood
That came from
I held you're hand
I never let go
You fell from the roof and the hallway of my soul.......

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