6. Castle of Shifting sand

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Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016



Song: 6. Castle Of Shifting Sand
Album: IAWNA
Release Date: 4th September, 2016

In the time of running, running for so long, feels like you're in the Olympics, running for good old fun,

Find my soul, it was never my own, my wife owned it, now it's the devils own, so it's mine again, she did and went to heaven, god told me I have a choice, if I get on my knees and prayed, for the things that should not be.

Like a broken mirror, I have bad luck, I was cursed, when I was young, but it should of warn off, if have a date she would never turn up,
All alone as a king in a castle of shifting sand.
Ruining beneath me as I stand.

As the long of my own province, I am able to mind control all of my subjects, just like MK Ultra, you are under my spell, if I go to Hell, I hope I burn well. 

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