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A girl that lived in a basic world, quickly turned in to a world hero.

Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016



President Raw

Everyone isn't always who they say they are. They may promise actions but will they ever pursue them you never know, at least i thought the all american man was until now.


It was the year 2015. The U.S was in the middle of a Presidential Election. Everyone had their candidate on a strong hold and their was often fighting because their were only two left running. Until the day John Raw showed up. He swept the people of the united states off their feet, including me. He promised free schooling, homes and food for the poor, jobs, and to make America the best country in the world.


So after that he was elected and sworn into office. But after that we didn't see him again. He has not any appearances or seen anyone outside of the White house. It was 6 months and President Raw didn't do anything he promised. Instead we just heard he fired all of Congress and the Supreme Court.  I was only the age 15 so people at my age really didn't know or care what he did because it didn't affect us it was more the adults thing. Well little did i know being a 15 year old girl that knew what they were talking about came handy in the future.


The day that Changed

It was a normal fall day in Northeastern Pennsylvania, i woke up and went down to see my brothers. Kellin age 4 , and Dallon age 1, i wasn't very close with them bc they were only my half brothers but i still loved hanging out with them and eating breakfast before i would head off to school. I kissed them both goodbye and went on my way.


Todays drama is school was that President Raw has been making the other countries upset by telling them we will bomb them if they don't obey. But this romar has been going around for sometime so i didn't even think about it. But maybe i should have.


It was storming out, i couldn't concentrate on what the teacher was even talking about. I started to shut out her words and just watch ever little rain drop hit the glass. Then i heard loud siren going off, everyone was freaking out when our phones started going off with an alert saying get to a safe spot. I was so confused and at the same time scared. We heard a british man over the speaker go “ all students and teachers out into the halls with your hands up.” we all walked to the hall way and they put us in groups, and took us off in big trucks.


We were put into a camp, they were telling us what was going on and why we were there but the only thing that stuck out to me was “ This is World War 3”. They told us that Raw was planning this the whole time that he need to become President so he could declare war. He was basically going to recruit both Males and Females from the age 12 and up for his army. And thats when i knew i wasn't going to fight with Raw but against him.


General Mcalle

We were in the camp for about a week and a started to meet people. Their was 5 of us Amy, Justin, Austin, Matt, and I and we had a plan. We started talking to this boy named Brendon he was 15 and from Sweden, we told him our plan and he liked it so he passed it on to the other camp Guards.  


Then before i knew it their was 20 of us on bored with the plan but the only thing we had to do was get permission from the General, i only seen him once which was when we arrived. It took about two whole days to even get the new to him the we wanted to speak with him. By the third day we finally got the news that he would like to speak with us.

I walked into his office and he allowed me to sit. Then General Mcalle asked “what was it that i was wanting to speak to him about.” i told him our plans and his face was in shock. You want to start and army with all the countries against Raw and his Army. I told him that it could see if the rest of the world could make peace. General Mcalle called up the other countries and told them the idea and amazingly enough they all agreed. But that they were going to keep their armies but send over a small percentage over to build one big army. As i thanked the General, i mentioned to him who will be in charge of this army. He said “ well you my dear, this was your idea. So now you will train them and direct them.” . So i gladly accepted it.

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