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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: #B Horrific
A girl seeks revenge against the people who murdered her Girlfriend.

Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 04, 2016



“I dream of blood, I dream of death, I dream of some love quashed in a monster’s lair, and wake up terrified into the protective embrace of my lover, so wonderful, so safe...... but not anymore, its me and and my dreamy grave alone on the stained bed, since the cowards of time shot her dead.....” ~ B

She is focussed. She is deadly. She is cold as ice. And the object of her attention were the knives, hammer and a gun that lay on the wooden table. She took one of the knives and played with it. Turning it around, testing its sharpness. Her face lit up as it cut her finger a little.

The scarce shop held only a table and a couple of chairs. It was painted dull grey. Photos of beautiful skylines lined up a couple of corners. LUCKY TRAVEL AGENCY, appeared as a screensaver on the laptop. It showed past 1 on the cheaply stylish clock.

“Don’t do this. Please.”

Behind her a man of around 28 , Rohit, struggled on the ground in only his underwear. Tied and blindfolded. He bled from his face and scratches galore filled his legs. Scared to bits he tried to think of one statement that could save his life. But none were forthcoming except the cliches and cliches weren’t going to create any hiccups.

“You are no killer, Penrose. You are no killer. Don’t do this. Don’t burden your conscience.”

The young woman, not more than 23, lithe, unswerving and battle hardened tried another knife then another. Cutting a little of her finger every time. At last she decided on one. Happy as a little girl decorating her Barbie she stood up with her preferred tool of death. Advancing slowly towards her victim.

She crouched down besides him and took off the blindfold and prepped him against the wall.

“You were saying?”

“I was bad. Very bad. And I am sorry. I’ll confess everything to the police. Just let me go.”

“Do you think I would let you go?”

“No. But its punishment you are after and I am ready to be punished. Is that not what you want?”

She simply stared. Then gave her knife another look.

“Oh please. Please.”

She smiled.

“Wow. I am impressed. You play the I am scared part really well. Not as well as her, right?” 

She inched closer to her intended victim. 

“No. I am sorry. Somebody brainwashed me i fell into the trap. It really sickens me that I killed somebody close to me. But that’s far as i can go when it comes to begging. You got to believe me.”

“She cried and begged a lot lot more didn’t she?”


“Still you killed her?”

“Yes.”  She clapped.

“That was good, Rohit. That was really good. Also, I am no killer. This is not me. You are right.”

She walked away towards the table. Rohit felt cheerful for the first time in a while.

“You are gonna call the police?”

“No.” Her hands went towards the gun. 

“Don’t tell me you are gonna leave me. That’s bullshit.”

“No. That would be fuckin crazy.”

“Then what?”

“I won’t torture you. I just realized I am not a torture person.”


He was cut off as in one super fluid action she shot him in the head. Its was all over. But she shot him again as his head dropped and blood over flowed on the ground.

She crouched down besides him and closed his eyelids.

“I am sorry. This will always be a burden but I am ready for it. And you fuckin deserved it.”

“Did he?” A soft voice reached her ears. She turned back to see a young beautiful woman of around 26 dressed in white.


“Yes.” Sandhya smiled as Penrose leapt into her arms embracing and kissing passionately.

“This definitely is a dream. So maybe God give me the deepest of sleeps so I could feel you forever.”

“This definitely isn’t a dream Penrose. This is us in our bed. Look.”

Penrose got out of the embrace and was shocked to see herself in the bed in their house. No blood, no dead guy, no weapons. It was cool, calm and safe. Photos of them in various happy situations hung up on the walls. It showed past 3 on the clock.

“I fuckin killed him. I fuckin shot your murderer dead.”

“That definitely was a dream. I am well and truly alive, ain’t I?”

“Oh thank God.” 

“It would take a lot more than a hateful family to keep us apart.”

She kissed Sandhya, who kissed her back and soon they were all over each other.

Outside their bedroom door stood a silent figure watching everything. She was the bruised, and badly injured version of Sandhya. She smiled and walked away into the dark recesses of the house.


An alarm clock rings hideously. Penrose, hidden inside her blanket, clamps it down at once. Then without seeing runs her hand on the other side of the bed. There’s no one. Alarmed she wakes up and looks around.


No answer. She goes on about her house saying her name but there’s no one. She sighs takes her cell and enters the kitchen. As she’s about to dial her number she sees a note on the fridge.

“Going early. Sorry. Would be late. Have a nice day. ?”

She smiled put away the phone and proceeded to take out the milk when her eyes fell on the juice. She took both the things perplexed and ambled towards the kitchen counter where lay boiled eggs and another note.

“Sorry couldn’t make Tea. Enjoy your breakfast!”

This time she couldn’t help but smile. She kissed the note and started on her daily bit of preparing Tea.


The office was buzzing. The smell of work pervaded every corner. You could literally sense the energy bouncing all around like a bouncing ball gone mad. In that situation walked Penrose. And suddenly everything started to become quiet. Slowly but surely things petered down creating an uneasy and creepy atmosphere.

She felt embarrassed at the sudden attention but carried on to her desk. The boss came out and ordered everyone back to work. And the voices though increased weren’t as loud as before.

The Boss, Mohant Jaiswal, a 46 year old man of fairly good body with a dash of ego and concern approached her as she tried to settle down on her workstation.

“Good Morning Pen. Feeling good?”

“Yes Sir. Hope its the same for you?”

“No. The call centre has just got a big contract with a financial company. The targets are insane. So here were barking like rabid dogs trying not scare people away. Pretty hard but hopefully there’s a better ending for us and customers,” he said with a little smile. Though his stare wasn’t going away any soon.

“So you could use an employee right now?”

“Yes. But not if its named Penrose.”


“You were ordered atleast a month of therapy and rest. What are you doing Penrose? Its just six days.”

“Six days since what?”

“You don’t know?”

“No. What? You are creeping me out?”

“Alright. Here’s the question- How’s Sandhya?”

“She’s fine. A little busy in her work. Why?”

An exasperated look overtook Mr Mohant’s face. He sat on her desk peered directly into her eyes.

“You are shaken. You are sick. Go home.”

“No I am not.”

“Go home Pen or I’ll terminate you.”


“5 MINUTES or I am calling security and you will never come near this desk ever again.” He talked slowly but authoritatively then stared once before walking towards his office.

She was flabbergasted but took her things and went on. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the Boss’s statement. She sick? Lol. He’s the one who needs a psychiatrist maybe. 

As she waited for the elevator she was caught up by her friend. One of the colleagues.

“What happened?”

“Sandhya has a lot of work so she will come late. And here I am being evicted early cos the boss thinks I am sick. Can you believe that?”

The friend looked on unsure as the elevator arrived and she entered  feeling disgusted.


It was around ten at night when she entered the home visibly drunk. She slumped on the sofa and tried to stop the buzzing in her head. Eyes closing opening rapidly, intense rubbing of her face then a moment of reflection. A moment which brought back memories of when her non drinking girlfriend helping her undress and tuck her into bed. And the day after , offer some juice for the hangover and eke out a promise that she wouldn’t drink so much. She gave a weird drunk smile and reached for her cell. She needed that presence now. 

She dialled Sandhya’s number. It was non reachable. She tried again. The same not reachable operator voice again. Flustered beyond control she threw her phone away and walked towards the bedroom. And within minutes started snoring soundly.


Rohit’s friend , Neel, was at his usual cigarette shop smoking away. It was past midnight. He was of  a medium height around 27 and a face which warned people of his short temper. Even when he smiled you could sense he was one wrong word away from turning into the Devil. Well almost.

And he was feeling concerned about something. He kept checking his cell. And kept puffing away. At that moment he heard a familiar sound and looked back to see Penrose alighting and parking her bike.

He checked the time and stared as if  she was a ghost.

“Pen what are you doing? At this hour?”

“Can I have a drag first?”

“Sure.” He passed her the cigarette as she took a couple of quick puffs before passing it back to him.

“I was not feeling well. I got drunk.”

“Are you ok?”

“Yes. I am feeling fine now. What are you doing here at this moment?”

“Rohit is missing. And I am just wondering and thinking about where he might be. Its insane.”

“You told the Police?”

“No. Not still. He has a habit of going away someplace with a girl. I’ll wait a couple of days. His parents too are worried too you know.”

“What? That’s sad. Maybe he’s in that creepy shop of his.”

“Lol. I checked it out a couple of times dude. He is not there.”

“And I believe he’s there.”

“Did you see him? Did he say something to you?”

She looked at him guiltily then turned away.

“I probably shouldn’t say this to you.”

“What? What?”


“Cmon you started the topic. End it.” Hands on her shoulders Neel meant business.

“It was me. I was taking some cigarettes for him. We were going to.....”

An amused smile lit up his face.

“You’ve turned straight within six days of Sandhya going?”

“No. I don’t know. I am sad and confused and sor.....”

She was cut off by Neel  who patted her back appreciatively.

‘No matter dude. Let’s go and find that bastard. You don’t know how relieved i feel and how fucked that asshole is gonna be.”

She gave a nod of understanding as they sat on their respective bikes and were off.


The court silent as a graveyard watched on as a person put on the audio tape for all them to listen. And a click later it was on. In the middle pubic sat Rohit and Neel’s family. Both close to tears. Neel’s little sister especially looked distraught. 

Do you think I would let you go?” 

"No. But you should Cos I did nothing wrong. Please there's nothing we could do. Please just let me go." 

“Wow. I am impressed. You play the I am scared part really well. Not as well as her, right?” 

"I am sorry. They killed her. But its not my fault can't you see? It sickens that I couldn't save her but I did not kill her. Please." 

“She cried and begged a lot lot more didn’t she?” 

“Yes. But that's not the point.” 

“Still you killed her?” 

“NO.” She clapped. 

“That was good, Rohit. That was really good. Also, I am no killer. This is not me. You are right.” 

The audio person forwarded it all way to when they hear the couple of gunshots. And that was the final nail in the coffin. The family burst into tears as the Audio guy put another tape. It was titled “Neel’s Last Words.”

And seconds later it was on.


“You wanna make love right here right now?” Penrose breathing heavily looked straight at Sandhya who looked around unsure. It showed past 3 in the shop clock.

“This seems a little too creepy.”

“Out of your comfort zone? Is that what am I hearing?”

Penrose stared hard at her girlfriend who knew she was cornered and gave in.

“Alright. Let’s do....”

Before she could complete the sentence they were tearing each other’s clothes off. Penrose stopped at a very passionate moment and opened an audio file on her cell.

“Please no. You don’t have to do this.”

“Of course I have to. That’s what revenge is.”

“Revenge for what?”

“For killing Sandhya?”

Sandhya went atop Penrose and pecked her.

“You. You. You avenged me. Wow.”

As they made out, the tape went on. Neel was in tears trying to explain his stance while Penrose predictably swatted his reasons away.

“We couldn’t SAVE her. But we didn’t kill her. What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see reason?”

“How did you kill her?”

“I did not.”

“With a knife? Good god. She would have been so afraid. So terrified as you tortured her to death.”

‘What? You are fuckin insane!”

“You are damn right I make sense. I know fear. But you critters indulge in it without any awareness of what you inflict.”

“No. No. Please. Please. Just let me go and i will take you to the murderer. Then take your revenge.”

“What did you just call me?”

“Oh damn. Oh fuckin damn. You poor poor bitch. God!”

He cried as all his survival energy dissipated.

“Crybaby I’ve got your confession on tape. No court in any land would convict me. Bye.”

“NO. NO. Plea.”

Gunshots rained as the voice was muted forever.


“My baby. My Neel. You fuckin psycho. You killed my baby.” Neel’s mother sobbed inconsolably as her husband consoled her. 

The crowd sighed in shock and muttered expletives and reasons as the Judge ordered everyone to silence. Then looked towards the 23 year old frail disheveled girl who looked on with no trace of any emotion or regret.

“Do you have anything to say? This maybe your last chance?” the Judge said as softly as he could. She just nodded in negative as the Judge looked at the Defense lawyer who had resigned himself to defeat. He sighed and looked at the people who were awaiting verdict.

“The court will adjourn for a lunch break. Then I’ll read out the verdict.”


“After two months of intense investigation and scrutiny and several debates and arguments and theories I have reached a conclusion. And that is Miss Sandhya committed suicide and Miss Penrose Petula was wrong when she said she killed two young men cos they killed her lover. The real story is  on 19th March 2016 Miss Sandhya who lived and worked in Mumbai went to visit her parents who lived in a small town in Bihar. There she told them about her sexual orientation and her love for Penrose but they refused to let her marry a girl. So she killed herself.  Of course it was wrong but coming from where they were we could understand their thinking. And moments before killing herself she had joked with her friends who had accompanied her, namely the victims Rohit Shah and Neel Paraskar, that she would kill herself. But her tone didn’t give away the struggle of her mind. So they took it on face value and consoled her that everything would be OK. That parents afterall love their children and sooner or later they would accept their love. But unfortunately she couldn’t be convinced. Nor could Miss Penrose who refused to believe she died by her own accord. And to top it all she was totally convinced that the boys killed Sandhya in cahoots with her parents because they liked her and wanted her for themselves. Though as she couldn’t reach the parents she murdered the easiest victims. Also she had episodes where she saw or created Sandhya within her. And that Sandhya patted her back when she “avenged’ her. A Sandhya which wasn’t real. A Sandhya which was infact the part of her brain which was coming up with excuses to her actions. She is not mentally ill but mentally insufficient. And so this court sentences Miss Penrose Petula to rigorous imprisonment of 25 Years. Also people are quick to brand themselves ‘Western’ by wearing short clothes, drinking alcohol and smoking. But flatly refuse the most important thing- open mindedness and acceptance of raw truth. Hope this changes. Court dismissed.”

Still no trace of emotion on Penrose’s face as she was taken away. The grieving families held hands and cried. They found justice but obviously it didn’t put a shade on their grieving souls.

As she sat in her cell thinking a voice turned her head. Penrose looked to see Sandhya.

“You are not real. You are not my Sandhya. You destroyed me.”

“I am real, Penrose. You are just dreaming. Come back.”

“Go away. Just go away.”

“I will not. You cannot keep running away from the fact that we are in danger. You have to stop dreaming and come back to reality.”

“Just fuckin stop alright. I had enough.”

“Please trust me. Just close your eyes.” She inched closer and kissed her gently as her eyes closed and the next moment she was back in bed with Penrose besides him. But not in their bed. Someplace else. A place which looked like a small bungalow and a room which had a old time feel to it. Only photos of Sandhya lined it up.

“See? Tell me this is not real.”

“Where are we?”

“In my parent’s house.”

“What are we doing here?”

“I came to tell my parents about us. You accompanied me even though i didn’t want you to. And it didn’t go well. He threatened to kill me. Took away our phones. It was so sad and scary. My mom has taken him inside but I don’t know what’s gonna happen next. I am scared.”

“ So what do we do?”

“Treat this like a jail in which you have been wrongly held. I’ll go now to talk with my Dad. If i shout or don’t come back, just go. Just run. Fight anybody that stops you and run. And avenge me. Go to the Police or go to Mumbai but just be alive to tell the story. Promise?”

“Hey I won’t leave you alone. Let’s talk together.”

“I love you. And if you love me you will make the right decision.”

At that moment a knock on the door startled them. A man’s voice boomed through the room.

“Sandhya come to father’s room. He want’s to talk to you. Alone.”

“Coming.” She turned towards a sorrowful and scared Penrose. “No time to think or dream. This is real. Do what is needed. And take care.”

Sandhya walked towards the door opened it and looked at the man. It was Rohit. He held a dish full of food in his hands.

“Leave my friend alone Rohit.”

“I am the elder one and I don’t care. If there’s a chance she could be turned straight. I’ll take it. And now go. You made Father very mad.”

Sandhya turned away disgusted as Rohit entered the room and put the food down and smiled at her.

“Rohit you again? If i was straight i would have thought about it. My answer’s not gonna change in two hours.”

“Oh cmon. I know this is all just city fashion. Girl on girl boy on boy. Just snap out of it.”

“Really? Is that what you think?”

“Yeah. Cmon just think hard. One "dinner" and you would be singing my praises.”

“I pity you. You are worse than a illiterate. My answer’s no and it won’t change. Bye.”

She turned away as Rohit smiled.

“Give it some seconds and you will change. I guarantee.”

Penrose shrugged it away and tried not to think about her lover trapped with a man of medieval thoughts. She was scared but this was no space or time to show it.  And suddenly it all changed. A scream followed by a gunshot. And more screams before silence.

Horrified she stood up. Moments later entered Neel and closed the door behind him. He had a little blood on his forehead and clothes.

“That’s my friend Neel. So what’s the news?”

“She’s gone. Sandhya’s gone.” 

“Did they shoot her or cut her?”

“A bullet in the chest and then I used your Dad’s sword on her. That sword is nice.”

Rohit smiled a I Know Right smile and turned towards Penrose.

Now would you turn straight or die too? Neel’s good with the sword apparently”, asked a beaming Rohit. Neel stood in the corner staring as Rohit pushed the plate down and inched closer to his uncomfortable, angry and scared as shit victim.

And at moment everything else faded away from her sight and mind. Except the words- “Treat this as a jail in which you have been wrongfully held. Do what’s needed. Be alive to tell my story. And avenge me.”

Penrose scared as shit from inside but still calm as fuck on the outside smiled gently at the circling predators.

“Would you promise to let me go if i turned straight?” she asked as softly as she can.

As they nodded she turned around and stared at the plate, returning to Dreamland.

With a flicker of a smile, with a dash a hope. 


 The End


PS: Please do leave a comment. Criticism would welcomed with open arms. 









© Copyright 2020 Babur. All rights reserved.

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