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Submitted: September 04, 2016

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Submitted: September 04, 2016



Henry sees her
in the coffee bar
waiting in the queue
for the latrines

blonde haired
wearing a short red skirt
white blouse
and he sipping his latte

watches her
as she stands
behind others
quite the young madam

maybe the flirt
he sips further
then looks away
out the window

into the street
where other things
his greedy eyes meet
the latte is warm and sweet

and he looks back
to the blonde haired dame
still in the queue
but further down

looking every inch
the Hollywood genre
(if such there ever was)
then she's gone

out of sight
into the latrines
and no other
in the queue that's left

interests his eyes or mind
so he looks away
back to the street outside
where passing people

go on their way
to their lives or deaths
or loves or hates
then she's out

the red skirted girl
with a sway of hips
and confidence restored
she walks the street

and away
Henry sips his latte
and continues
his day.

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