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Submitted: September 04, 2016

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Submitted: September 04, 2016



Looks like the story begins.... 


It was raining heavily,As Daro walked through the dark and empty hallway,he felt something,something strange was following him.But he didn't care,he continued to walk with a sinking heart with clothes drenched after a tremendous incident happened to him. Suddenly,'it' came charging at him. It was just his friend Lucas.Daro stared at Lucas but Lucas didn't care at all.As they were walking to their classroom,they saw William sitting on a chair in the corner reading his favorite novel.Daro walked to William and sat beside him .

Daro said,"yo, have u heard there's a new transfer student coming into this class.

Lucas smiled and walked away.

William replied,"So? is that important or am I suppose to be surprised?"

Daro smiled and said,"don't get too excited!"

William turned his face to his book.It was 8am in the class,William,Daro and Lucas were concentrating during math class till the teacher came in.

Ms. Wong came in and say"hello! today we have a new classmate joining us!"

As she came into the class,all the boys were looking at her.She had a glowing light aura around her and her perfume made the atmosphere astonishing,her hair was blonde,her eyes were red and sparkled,she was a goddess to us. She went in front of the whole class and introduce herself."Hello, my name is Emma! please to meet u all!" Daro and Lucas's eyes were glued on her. But William didn't care at all but I can tell from Emma glance ,she had eyes for William,just that she didn't want it to be so obvious,her eyes were always on William from the beginning,but William didn't care at all.emma sat beside William and introduced herself but William just stared at her

and said "yo" , man that was a terrible introduction!!!! , Daro and Lucas took their chances and introduced themselves during lunch break....

and so the story will continue........

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