Majic Chapter 3: A FateUnsealed

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Chapter 3: A Fate Unsealed

I woke up to Ella, my personal Healer, waking me.

"Stacy, wake up Stacy." she whispered.

"Huh?" I asked sleepily.

"Wake up. We're leaving at dawn. We'll arrive this afternoon." she said.

I sat up. These last few weeks of travel were rough on me. We always woke before dawn and camped a little bit after dark. I had to sit in a Coach the entire time. It was very small, and I had nothing to do other than ask Ella and Jacob, my personal protector, questions about Majics and Magic. After all, I only just found my powers.

"Cmon. I have your forta for you." she said.

I got out of bed and walked to the small table. There was a small comb, a box, and a travel mirror.

"We'll do your hair on the way." said Ella. "I'll help you dress in your forta."

I opened the box. There was two smaller boxes and a light, golden forta, which were a robe-like dress for Majics.

I got on the pants while Ella got the two little boxes into her small handbag. I next slid on the silky shirt. Then I easily slipped into the fabric robes. The fabric was golden with blue hem and black threading. The Matal's colors.

The Matal was apparently the strongest Majic in the world. He was the only one who could summon light, and the only one who was a fighting chance to, well, anyone who dared oppose the Temple. I might be the only one to be stronger than him. But we didn't know for sure.

It felt so nice to have my own forta, even though three weeks ago I never knew I had powers. It was scary. I felt like a freak.

I went downstairs to the main dining area in the small inn we were staying at. There were gaurds with red, some summoners  blue, and servants in gray. I sat with Ella and Jacob, my personal protector.  I looked at the food. It was just bread and some stew, along with apple slices. I groaned.

"Please tell me when we get to the Temple, they'll have way more food." I begged.

"Yes. Definitely." said Jacob.

I ate quickly. Prickles of light were escaping the horizon, and Jacob was eager to leave to the Temple. I couldn't blame him. Ella and Jacob have been telling me all about it. It had many domed rooms, Dorms for younger children, and personal chambers for older students and workers.

As soon as everyone was done, we all went outside. Horses were being mount by everyone. I was led to my horse. Finally, no more coach! I was to ride a black horse with a white spot on her head and white above her hooves. It's saddle was light brown made of soft leather. I mounted up with Jacob's help. I've had horse riding lessons with my sisters, Lucy and Julia, before. I got into position and we began.

To my left was Jacob. To my right was Ella. In front of me was rows and rows of guards. Behind me was rows and rows of guards. Past both Jacob and Ella weree rows and rows of gaurds. We paraded down the bumpy road, known as the Gala, a beaten, not-so-famous path that went to the Temple that was at the center of the Country. To humans, we were in the USA. To us, we were in Talika, the Country of Magic and Majics.

We rode on and on. All to see was grass lands and rocks. You'd sometimes see a group of deer or some rabbits hopping along the lands. The sun was beating down on us in the summer heat. It was only August still.

I talked with Ella sometimes or joked with Jacob. I tried to keep occupied, but it was too boring. But it was a little better than in the coach. I had fresh air, and I felt so much more involved with my surroundings.

"Hey, Ella?" I asked.

"Hmm?" she replied.

"What are the types of Majic's again?" I asked.

"Well, there are Dentrium, the order of life and death. The Majics who are in that group are Healers, who only can heal people, like me. There are also Heartrenders, who can do the opposite. They use magic to kill people in health.

"There is also Oastiumlas, the Summoners of Elements. Majics in that group are Gravtios, Summoners of wind, Oceankeepers, Summoners of water, and Fireals, summoners of fire, and Iceals, Summoners of Ice.

"And last but not least, Zantrics, Makers of Inventing. The only Majics in that group are Zalrics, The makers of blasting powders and dangerous stuff like that, and Zalotics, the inventors, who make things or make them better, of fix them. And, probably one of the most important, Tailors. They can't summon fabrics, but they can alter patterns or hues with a flick of a finger. But they can't change the whole color or picture.

"Those are all the different types of Majics. It's hard, at first, but then it gets easy. Trust me," said Ella.



3 hours later....

"Alright! Unmount and streach your legs!" called a commanding officer.

I got off of my horse. So did everyone else. We had found a nice barn just off the road a little ways and decided to rest there. We had our lunch of bread and apples. We sat under the shade of trees with horses tied to the trunks.

Ella did my hair in a braid. She braided ribbons of gold and blue into the braid. It was aboslutly gorgous when we were done. We all giggled and laughed.

When we were done resting, everyone got back in lines and we started riding again. We walked and walked.

"Hey Ella," I said over the sound of beating hooves, "How much longer are we riding?"

"Not far," she replied.

"The Temple is just about two miles away," said Jacob.

I sighed. At our pace, we were traveling about a mile per hour!

We all chatted for the next few hours. Then, I got my first sight of the Temple.

We were marching up a hill until we saw it. It looked like a castle. It had large walls, and was made of fine material.

"They say that an ancient spell built all of this." said Ella with dreamy eyes. Meanwhile, Jacob was at full alert. His job was to keep me safe, along with all of the other guards and soliders there.

We marched until we stopped at the wall. The guards broke off. We were now in front of the large, brass gates of the Temple.

A guard strode towards us. "Identifications, please," said the gaurds.

Jacob gave him his hand. The gaurd rubbed his thumb against the back of his palm. Jacob and Ella both had tattoos of sunbursts on there hands. It was basically the passport for everywhere. Everyone got it after they graduated school. You also apparently can't travel once you go into the school.

"You may pass," said the gaurd. He signaled the four others. They opened the door.

We entered quickly. At first, I didn't know where we were, until I realized we were at a market square. There were gaurds patrolling the streets, but many people went about thier business. There was a boy with his donkey. There were girls playing at the waterfall, soaking thier feet. It was a very lively place. Icould smell the baked bread, and the meats being grilled over open fire. There were groups of people in forta?s, talking with each other. 

Jacob led us through the streets where we came up to the Temple Entrance. There were a group of servants ready to take our horses. The gaurds were there as well, protecting the Temple at all costs.

Jacob helped me off my horse. Ella jumped off, too. The servants rushed forward to retrieve our horses.We walked towards the Entrance. The gaurds, recognizing Jacob, bowed deeply, and let us pass. The large oak wood doors were pushed open. 

The domed hall was gorgous. There were rows and rows of tables spread everywhere. The ceiling was like a egg shell, a perfect dome.

Jacob led me down a hallway. We went right, and there were large doors with banners next to them: They had Sunbursts in blue on gold fabric.

"This is it." said Ella quietly.

"It's what?" I asked.

"The Matal. He's just through these doors," said Jacob with a hint of excitment.

Then, he signaled the gaurds. They pushed open the doors. The footman shouted, "Presenting Warrior Jacob Well and Dr. Ella Jauine." 

It was another domed hall. But this one had a Gold and Blue Carpet running down with it. On a throne, was a man that looked relativly young. Only about in his 20's. He had brown, ruddy hair with blue eyes. He had a golden forta? that had blue hem, like mine. The Matal.

We walked up the blue carpet. I was now a little afraid. What if I wasn't the one, or whatever I'm supposed to be? What if I was laughed out of here? I now had butterflys in my guts. I couldn't do this.

When we stopped directly in front of the Matal, we bowed deeply. I was about to tip over. The Matal looked at us in a steady gaze.

"Rise," he commanded. He didn't have a deep voice, but he had something commanding about him. We stood up as straight as our backs would let us.

"Jacob, you have done well. Has there been any trouble?" he asked.

"No, sir. We picked up gaurds on the way." Jacob reported.

"Good. Ella, health reports?" he asked expectantly.

"I shall have them on your desk as soon as I leave, sir." said Ella.

"Excellent. Now, you two may eave. Gaurds, you too." he said.

The two bowed quickly. So did the gaurds. They turned and left without a word.

The Matal looked at me. "Stacy, you hold remarkable power. Have you used it?" he asked my.

"Yes. Three times on accident." I said. I was suddenly at ease. "If you count setting the principal's office on fire," I added.

"Really? When was this?" he asked. He wasn't worried or angry. He was acually curious, and something told me he was amused.

"When I had a fight at school, I was going for a hit, when a burst of light sent a girl fifteen feet away. Then afterwards I was mad at my principal for getting me expelled." I said. "So, I accidentally lit the office on fire. Noone noticed it coming from me. They were all foucsed on the papers they were signing."

"And you can also summon water, which caused you to fall and hit your head," said the Matal.

"Er..yes." I said.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.

"No, not really. I was in pain for a few weeks, but I think Ella did a good job on me." I said.

"Great." he said, smiling.  I returned it.

"Now," he continued, " Your lessons start tomorrow. I'm your instructor. You also have your own tailor. She's my best tailor. She is good with beauty, and can do well with summoning patterns. Jacob is your combat instructor. Ella is in charge of your health. You have health checks once a week. Ok?" he asked.

"Of course." I said.

"Now, unfortunatly, I must get to work. The servant is outside, waiting. It was good meeting you, Stacy." he said.

"My pleasure meeting you, sir." I said. I bowed and left.

I opened the doors to the hallway. There were gaurds outside, along with a tailor in Green robes with blue hems. She had red hair, light skin, and purple-blue eyes.

"Hello," she said, quickly approching me. "I'm your personal tailor."

"Yes, hello." I said.

"Here," she said, "I'll show you to your chambers."

She led me down the hallway, turned left, and we came across a white elbany door. She opened it.

My room was massive. In the middle, I had a massive king-sized bed. In the left corner by the door, was a wardrobe. It had nothing in it, but that was ok for now. I also had a curtain to change behind. In the opposite corner was a sall table and chairs. There was another door that led to a quartz bathroom.

"Wow!" I said.

"I helped do the interior design." said the servant proudly. "It took days, and we had only just found you, after..."

"After what?" I asked

"It's top secret. I'm not allowed to tell anyone, not even you." she said.

 Then, I decided to change the topic."You did amazing!" I said. Then I asked, "What's your name?"

"Alina." she said.

"I'm Stacy," I said.

"Oh, now thatI know. When Jacob and Ella went to fetch you after your fight, the whole Temple went nuts! The word spread like a wildfire that the Alimic has come." she breathed.

"The Ali-what?" I asked.

"It's ancient Majic language for the Chosen One." she explained.

"Oh," I said.

"Well," she said, "I'll be back with some of your things shortly. Make yourself comfy." And she slipped out of the room.

I went to the bookshelf. It had tons of books, such as:

The History of Magic Itself

Majics Of The Ages

The Ways Of Spell Science

There were other books, too. I wanted to just started reading them all, but I didn't understand anything the titles were telling me. Besides, at that moment, Alina had come back. She had tons of boxes in her arms.

I rushed forward to help her. I grabbed some of the top boxes, and put them on the table.

"Thank you," she said as she set her boxes down.

"No problem." I replied. "What's in the boxes?"

"Fifteen different fortas and dresses, beauty stuff for me to use as your tailor and servant, some notebooks, textbooks, and a map for you to use until you know your ways around here." she reported. "The Matal said you needed everything for a proper arrival, and to make you feel more at home. Here, you rest, I'll put everything away for you."

"No, no." I said, eager for something to do. "I'm dying for stuff to do."

We opened boxes, and started putting things away. Alina hung and folded things, while I put them away. We were a perfect team. We finished as bells rung.

"What's that mean?" I asked.

"Oh, it's the dinner bells. I'll show you to the dining hall." she said.

We left the room. We went right, walked pass the throne room, then went left down the hallway. We turned right and there it was: The Dining Hall, the one we first saw when we arrived.

There were lines of Blue, Red, and Green with different colored hems. The Matal sat at the high table, along with Jacob and Ella. Alina and I walked over to them. Alina pulled a chair out for me and I sat. Alina sat to the right of me, while the Matal sat to my left.

"Hey, Stacy," said Ella. "How are you feeling?"

"Great, thanks." I said. I looked at the table. There was roast beef, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It was better than Thanksgiving.

I piled food onto my plate. I ate greedily. As I ate, I looked around. The Matal was talking to Jacob and a few other people in red with green fortas about the Temple's new defense. Ella was chatting to another healer and a summonor in blue with red hems. Fireals, Ella said. Summoners of Fire.

I ate dinner and dessert. Then, the Matal rose. Everyone hushed up to listen.

"Majics," he said with pride. "We have been looking for The Chosen One for thousands of years. And now, she is with us."

A murmur ran up through the crowd. Some eyes led right onto me, the New Girl.The Matal grabbed my hand and stood me up. I looked across the crowd. They had thier eyes glued on me.

"Majics," he said, "The Alimic, Stacy Allen."

Everyone applauded me. Cheers and shouts of happieness arose.

For what? I wondered. I haven't even mastered my powers. Why do this now? What have I done? Set fire to a building on accident? Send someone launching fifteen feet away? Almost killing myself?!

The Matal saw me. He whispered into my ear: "I'm only showing them hope towards our enimies. So they may see the light of your future glory."

I nodded slowly. The Hall started emtying. Everyong was tired, I guess. Or getting ready to party. Meanwhile, I decided to go back to my chambers.

Alina led me back. I got out of my new forta and got into a simple nightgown. Alina undid my hair. She carefully took out the ribbons, and then grabbed the comb on the table. She puled any knots in my thin, strawberry hair.

Afterwards, I was exhausted. And I needed rest for tomorrow. I was starting my training tomorrow. I was kindof excited. I got a luxury probably noone else had: A personal team. A healer, a guard, a tailor/ servant (though I say shes more tailor), and an instructor of my own.

I got under the soft, silky sheets. The bottom two layers were silk. The top was cotton and wool stuff. I layed my head on the soft pillows. And the night took me.


"Wake up!" said Alina in a hushed voice. "Stacy, wake up!"

I opened my eyes. I wasn't sure what was happening for a minute as a bunch of memories came flowing out of me. Then, I started realizing what was happening.

I got out of bed. "Your forta is on the table. I'll get a toothbrush ready." said Alina in a hurry.

I got on the pants. They were soft fabric. The robes were velvet gold with a sunburst sown on the back with blue jeweled buttons. No black, I observed.

I then went into the quartz bathroom. It was lovely. I brushed my teeth in the washbowl. Then Alina changed the water out, then I washed my face. Alina did my hair in a bun with a ribbon of jewels holding it together.

Bing bong bing! Bing Bong Bing! went the meal bells.

Alina showed me to the dining hall. This time was faster, now that I knew my was a little better.The hall was full of loud chatter and the clink and clonck of dishes. I sat where I sat last time, next to The Matal's high chair. The ones who sat with him, overlooking the others, were to be the most powerfull, important Majics in the world.

I sat down and piled four pieces of toast on my plate, some eggs, a bacon strip, and filled my cup with apple juice. Ella, who had just arrived, giggled.

"What?" I asked her.

"You're eating so much. Do they feed you at all where you used to live?" she asked with a grin.

"Yes. Just not enough. I have to split it with my famliy." I replied.

I had just finished the first three peices of toast when The Matal arrived. Everyone stood and bowed. He smiled and said "continue". He sat next to me. His forta was glistening gold with blue hem and black sunburst on his back.

We all ate and talked. Jacob, The Matal, and a few others were talking about exciting ways to explode  stuff using zanchric burst powders (zanchrics were Majics that can create things, like all- powerful steal, or burst powders.).

Then, the end of meal bells went off. I stood. Ella turned and said, "See ya later, Stacy. And good luck!"

"Thanks." I replied.

I turned around. The Matal faced me.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied. He grinned.

We walked down a different corridor, one that I haven't seenbefore. We then went right. We stopped at some large, brass oak doors, simalar to the ones at the throne room. The gaurds quickly opened the doors, another huge domed hall, but it was three times larger than the dining hall, and six times larger than the small throne room.

"Woah." I gasped.

"Impressive, huh?" said The Matal.

"It's... amazing!" I replied enthusiastically.

He grinned. We walked to the very center. We then faced each other.

"This is the training dome. You will train here for magic only. No combat. Alina will show you to the Combat Arena. Understood?" he said. He was very serious.

"Yes, sir." I said.

"Now," he said, returning to his usual jolly tone, " You sadly need to know some very boring stuff before getting to some good stuff," he said, and we began.

First, I learned how to breathe properly. Breathe slowly in from the nose, come out controlled with moth and nose. I needed deep, controlled inhales, but I couldn't breathe in too much. I did it again and again.

Then, I learned how to call in my power.

"You must feel your power, rising into you. You must call to it, and it must answer." said The Matal.

I did my breathing as I tried to call it in. But it wouldn't.

"I can't," I said, mentally exhausted.

"Yes you can. You've done it three times. Try again." he intructed.

I breathed. Come to me, light. I commanded. Then, I felt a sudden rise within me. Come, I told it again. It rose up, and shot out of my palms, nearly missing The Matal.

"I'm doing it!" I shouted in joy.

"Now," instructed the Matal, "stop it."

I had not thought of that part. I then let go of the power within me. The light faded to nothing.

"Good, good." said The Matal.

Then, before I could even grin, something powerful errupted inside me. Darkness shot out of my palms, like ribbons of black. It circled The Matal, and I couldn't stop it.

The Matal was too suprised. He turned his palms up, facing me, and light glowed form his hands. It swirled around the darkness, shaddering it. The erruption inside me ended as fast as it came.

I then fell into The Matal's arms, gasping for air. The Matal called the gaurds in. Two gaurds ran inside.

"Get her to Ella, her healer, and send Jacob to me." instructed The Matal. Was he angry? Shocked? Scared, even? I couldn't tell.

"Yes sir." said a gaurd. He carried me away. He was a heartrender as well, judguing his robes. He put his hand on my heart, probably using his powers to keep my heartrate steady.

He ran down the hallway, to a right, and through some doors labeled Hospital Wing. He got through, and nurses swarmed in.

"What happened?" one asked.

"Is she all right?" asked another.

"It's classified. Get me to her Healer." ordered the gaurd to the women in red and orange fortas.

Then, I heard Ella's voice. They got me onto a strecher, and I felt myself rolling away.


"What happened?" asked Ella.

"She can do it." replied Jacob's voice quietly.

"Do what?" asked Ella in a scared whisper.

"She can summon darkness." said The Matal.

"What? How?" asked Ella.

"We don't know. I think it was an accident. She was doing fine, then darkness swirled around the room." said The Matal.

"Has she become dangerous?" asked Jacob.

"We don't know yet." said The Matal gravely. "For her fate is unsealed."






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