To My Best Friend

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A free verse poem dedicated to my best friend

Submitted: September 04, 2016

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Submitted: September 04, 2016



To My Best Friend

Sitting alone as I reminisce the good old days
A bittersweet smile was painted on my lips
I remember I once had a wonderful friend
A friend I knew I could always count on.

We had countless of pointless quarrels 
Yet made us inseparable in one simple "sorry"
You were my Batman and I was your Robin
Which made our friendship envied by many.

Time had passed and we had to bid goodbye
I worry not for I believed in the friendship we had.
Never thought that time will be my worst enemy
For each time passed, my best friend also slipped away.

I was in distress when you have left me behind
I cried for my pal have forgotten me completely
Took me forever to forget everything that hurts,
But took only seconds to welcome you back again.

Our paths have crossed after a thousand years of no hellos
But who am I to turn away when you needed me the most?
Your cry of comfort makes me run right next to you
Yet when I cry, you're way too high for my hands to reach.

I bled as the reality struck like a dagger in my heart
You were wearing the same face but you were never you
No matter how I plead, I could no longer have you back
The moments we had popped just like bubbles in the air. 

I have lost my best friend in oblivion of uncertainties
Acceptance of such painful reality is what I have to bear
But you're my best friend and that will never change.
For the friendship we had will forever be the greatest of all.

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