Is it just an app?

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Submitted: September 04, 2016

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Submitted: September 04, 2016



You know how sometimes your siting in English class and you are reading aloud. You come across something along the lines of "she buried the package with a shovel". The teacher then asks you what the symbolism was. The whole class stares aimlessly at the teacher wondering how the heck she expects them to know that. She then goes on to lecture about how the shovel may represent the evil in the world and the package is the good and happiness. She talks about how the evil may sometimes bury the good and make it almost impossible to see. The students start to understand what she means but there is one student who questions it. He says "isn't it possible that the author simply just meant it as nothing? Like it was just something she said not putting any further interoperation into it?". The teacher denies it because she firmly believes that this great and legendary author MUST have meant it in some sort of secret symbolized way. But even she too, starts to wonder what it truly means. Was it just a phrase? Was it just a word? Is it just a text? Is it just a number? Is it just an app? 

Social media is a powerful tool that all teenagers are obsessed with. They compete to see who can get the most likes or followers, or who can post the best selfie with the best lighting. I too am a teen who is worried about these things. But then I start to question what the whole purpose is. Is it to make people feel bad about themselves if they only have 200 followers? Because that's sure what it seems like. Every time I post a picture or tweet something, it's almost like I'm glued to phone to see who is going to like it or retweet it. That sure is good an all but I feel like it kind of defeats the purpose of it. The app isn't for competition or anxiously awaiting for your total of likes on your selfie. It's about fun and sharing the great moments we may have. It's just an app. But that is truly forgotten and pushed aside when it comes to social media. We turn it into something it's not or doesn't have to be. And not only that, but we wait for celebrities and powerful people to encourage it as well. We look to them for inspiration when truly all we get is a sour feeling about how they are so perfect and live the best life ever. We get carried away and forget that the life we live is also fabulous, but we compare ourselves to them. Yes, there are people in the world who have millions of followers, flawless skin, adventurous lives, great talent, and amazing personality.  But we aren't them (as much to our despise). We are ourselves and that is good enough though we may not see that because we are blindside by the darkness of social media. Our lives are truly a blessing and we take that for granted. We are only given one you know? This is it. This is all you have. So you either rise to the occasion or fall short of expectations. I sometimes get that feeling when I'm in a car listening to my favorite song with the windows down and wind in my hair (picture perfect huh). The feeling that at any instance this gift that we were given can be taken away. In one second, it can come to stop. So why worry about the little things. Be crazy, be adventures . LIVE IN THE MOMENT. 

I get it that you hear this all the time. Carpe Diem right? But seriously think about it. This is your life. You can personalize it and chose your path. So do you really want to spend the precious time we are given worrying about your followers on Instagram? I sure don't. I want to live in the moment and look back and think about how I was myself at all times and lived how I wanted too so that I can truly die happy and proud of what I have accomplished. So remember next you post a photo or tweet a random tweet, think about what you could be doing instead. Zip lining, swimming, climbing a mountain, hanging out with your friends, or riding in a car listening to your favorite song with the windows down and wind in your hair (see what I did there) but the possibilities are endless. Put the phone down, get off your butt and make the most of what you have. You are lucky and you are blessed more than most people in the world. Enjoy that and always keep in mind that it's just an app, nothing more and nothing less

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