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How It just started......

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



Like any other day today also it was a mundane day. I was ready to face the same prosaic routine. But today it was a little special. It was after all the 5th day of September. Ever since I was a child, this day was filled with joy and enlightenment. But now I understand what growing up is like. I woke up late. I had some plans with my friends but it got cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances. 

But where is my better half? This is what he calls himself so. He is suppose to be here with me, when I feel alone, when I am facing the most challenging phase of my life. But none of the time I find him with me. When I need him, he is gone far far way from me. I am left here alone. 

He claims to love me a lot. But love for what? Some are loved for their inert beauty, some for money, some for pretty face and others for their soul. I posses neither money nor does I have a pretty face. Most of all loving the soul is the most hardest thing. Some can only afford that. May be I am loved for sleeping naked next to him. May be i am loved for letting him touch me whenever he wants to. Or may be I am loved for emotionally and truly loving him.

Today during my darkest phase of life I expect him to be my companion. He could let my head rest upon his shoulder. But where is he? Busy with his other friends or interacting with the solitude. Or is he just thinking about me as i am doing? Is it the situation that created a chasm between us?

Suppressing all pains, i still look forward to my day. There is nothing I can change about my fate. All I can do is try harder to get accustomed to it. While doing so I sometimes drip tears from my eyes.

I always try to become the reason of people's happiness. Is there anyone who will make me happy for my happiness? Love me for my satisfaction and for myself? People are selfish. They indeed are. There is nothing I can change about it. All I do is to wait for the Happiness that may be coming in my way.

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