The Mistaken Love

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It's a real story. This story is penned by author to make people feel what he felt that evening.

PS : This might not be never repeated again since now the couple is not at talking terms.

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



Yesterday, I went to her house, uninvited as she said later while laughing on my joke. I reached her 'Ambitious'  society 8:17 PM sharp. The weather was amazing and there was something in the air, not sure if it was love or pollution. Last time, when I visited her, she welcomed me warmly but also scolded me for taking 12 minutes in lift. Extra cautious this time, I took stairs. So here I am, standing at her door. I pressed the door bell, she came.

Beautiful this girl, I don't know why she was so happy. Not taking any chance of me going here and there, she quickly took me to her small room. A room which has everything, also some pet mosquitoes but not a screen. Shortly after entering room, I immediately threw myself on her bed. She sat beside me, competing me in jokes and at times outwitting me also. Then came serious business - food, drinks and movies. Then we conceived the idea of cooking Pasta and then I went to nearby market to fetch cranberry juice as Ramu Kaka ( servant) goes for vegetables. It was, after all, a small sacrifice for a bigger cause.

I came back swiftly with juice and again took less than 12 minutes in lift in reaching her room. Again we sat in room. I asked her to bring two glasses. Innocent girl thought I asked for coffee mugs or may be it was deliberate. Thereafter, we poured Vodka and started feasting. Invoking my comic gods, I would crack jokes  to make her laugh. To my surprise, she always responded, sometimes equipped with  a better joke. 

Together we gulped down the Vodka to its last drop. Later, we went to Kitchen to make a baby (his name is Pasta). She was putting things in Pasta as if some crazy scientist, working in a laboratory, making efforts for a new discovery. She was as precise as a surgeon. And after a lot of 'labor pain' she finally 'delivered' Pasta. This time I brought her back to the room. I tasted it and it was like not 'proper' pasta but it had its own delicacy. Modest girl gave the credit to some fucking Oregano. After having food, her hormones got active. Before you think anything, she was now craving for movie.

Miss Movie expert suggested that we should see Serendipity, an insanely romantic movie. I nodded immediately.. While she was searching movie, I went outside for a couple of drags. When I returned, the girl was on his exclusive side of bed. I joined her and we started watching the movie. We were in a single blanket and a constant tussle was on as to who can grab more of it. Eventually, we settled and got busy with movie but the fragrance of her hair was nothing less than a powerful aphrodisiac that distracted my focus from movie. Was it my mind getting attached to her or just Serendipity? 

Moments later, we were in each other’s arms. Knowing the unsaid social norms, I was restraining myself from kissing her until she opens up herself  but  I could not resist and stamped a light kiss on her forehead. She changed her position immediately. I got scared, thinking if she had minded it. But the girl seemingly did it without reason; she looked more involved in the movie. I don’t know whether she was actually watching it or was she doing it on purpose. I unintentionally or actually by mistake kept my hand on her nearly perfect ass.

When I touched her body for first, my pulse got increased. She was into my chest and technically close to my heart. Since her hair were troubling her, I immediately intervened and assisted her.  Don't know if it was alcohol or what, we started speaking very slowly in each other ears. But even when so much was happening in this universe, we were still watching movie. 

Moments later, fully aware of upcoming pain, I asked her to keep her head on my hand. This made us more intimate. Figuring out what she was upto, I put my hand on her abdomen. She was calm like ocean before a storm. She tilted then and my hand came on her back. I started rubbing her gently but my hand was getting interrupted with her bra. I asked her if she always sleep with her bra on as I have heard that it's not very comfortable to do so. Suddenly, she magically took off her bra but without even taking off her T shirt. 

However, I am yet to be enlightened why she took off bra. Was I the reason or if she was doing this everyday ? Only God knows why. Then I like a silent pick pocketer took out her T shirt, which was brutally tucked inside her cute little shorts. For first time, I felt her skin, which was soft like a silk robe. I started fondling her. My hands were now taking no directions from my mind. They were their own master at that time. By that time, I had gained some confidence so I moved on and touched her carefully carved breast. Her tits could give any goddess run for money. I pressed them but ensured not very hard. She moaned in inaudible tone but since I was watching her, I knew it. Like every girl in the bed, her eyes were also close since a wise man once said that woman can't see men having pleasure. 

Although, she was very alert. I rolled off her t shirt and started sucking her boobs like a small kid. Now, she was moaning a bit louder. I didn't want any complaints later so I put my lips on both boobs one by one equally. With each passing second, her boobs would get hard. I never pressed them forcefully, result not once she complained about it. My reckless hands then slipped downwards and started rubbing her crotch. Don't blame me, I already cleared that I was not controlling them anymore. 

She held my hand this time and beautifully made them parked near her breast. May be she thought, this will arouse her like big time and we might end up into each other. Intentionally or unintentionally that part is yet to figured out but she failed miserably. My hands were again on your pussy. I could feel the camel toe. This time she didn't stop. I pulled over her shorts as if I was peeling off some fruit and surprisingly her vagina was recently shaved.  Actually, our Brand ambassador of Bharat Swatch Abhiyan was cleaning everything, from inside to outside. The moment she was naked, she cutely said " latch to laga lo" and I laughed like as if someone had cracked this world funniest joke. I rushed like a fire fighter and locked the room.

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