The surge of the ocean

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Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



The surge of the ocean


As it goes the ocean is a damning place to be at, at any time. The ocean only has off days that can mane a ship and its crew, no surprise then when the tannoy sounded again. Nothing new.


Go on to the decks mate and help us out

This ship is burning and bobbing about

Get a bucket and an oar over there

Don’t just stand and stare


And the tannoy sounded, the saviours were asleep dreaming of an icy day or one with no breeze. They woke with a start and began the battle of jackets and wet gear, the tannay sounded again. It’s near


Got to stay afloat somehow for an hour or two

Keep the buckets filling don’t stop to make a brew

The ship is crying she’s all we’ve got till we see the crew

Time’s a minute we’ll be under before you find that shoe


Strip the galley and pull up those ropes, the men they know what there in for, could be death awaiting them, or they could just save a few good men. The tannoy still rings louder than before, the mighty ship has set off the tannoy just roars. Just roars.


Lets hope they see us soon, the SOS we sent

Come on lads our lives not over yet

Fight the fear, and hold those tears that are set

It isn’t over, we won’t be beaten lost or spent


So the ship is viewed at last, her starboard port barely seen, the ocean she is the unforgiving queen. The saviours won’t stop till there near, not matter what perilous sounds or feelings they breathe. The tannoy bellows, while the ocean claims her fellows.


Come on keep with it Barnacle, don’t be beaten,

Got to keep her afloat lads while the saviours are here

The Ocean she wants this ship, its going to disappear

Lets face this together there’s no such thing as fear


The saviours have just a handful of strangers with them, alas not all well but most aboard, they all watch the ocean take their beloved Barnacle girl, She sinks slowly and gracefully, like some beautiful swan into the Ocean queen.


Its not all over, there’s another day, another ocean, and another way.



© Copyright 2018 Jasmine Johnson. All rights reserved.

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