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This is a story about zombies taken over the world!

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



The year is 2020, the world as you knew it has changed it has become dark, infected with a plague of death and decay. Mostly everyone is gone now, they all got turned into foul zombie's. There is only 200,000 people left in this world. To think there was 7.4 billion, huh daydreaming of the past is something I do often, oh how I wish we never travelled to mars and found that god for saking substance, it was that which started this whole damn plague.

I flash back to the past.

"Please don't go, stay with me" these were the last words of my wife, before the plague had began. She was one of the first to be infected.

I should have been there for her, I should have stayed, we should have never gone to that stupid planet. When I found out that everyone was slowly turning I couldn’t help but wonder should I turn to? I have nothing else in this life to live for, my wife is gone, my friends and my child…. I lost everything I ever cared about but some how I was the last one left, as I am thinking of the past, the zombies are right out of the door, there trying to get in anyway they can. Everyone is terrified they are screaming, crying and some are praying. All our hope has run out but not our faith, apparently. I wish I could pray but what for, I want to go, but how I prayed for my family, yet nothing happened. I recall that moment when everyone was sent to a safe haven , safe from zombies they said, a place that we will all be safe. What a load of shit. They got in straight away and as we knew it 200,000 turned into 10,000, 10,000 turned into 2,000 and then 20 people are left…. The zombies have broken the windows and now are slowly crawling in, they just need to penetrate the door and then they would have one the fight. We defend our position taken all the zombies who dare try and come in. Suddenly a whole force of zombies come through the door, knocking us down attacking the few of us left, we were now dropping like flies. Once 20 has now become 5. The five of us climb up to the roof hanging on for the last few minutes of our life before the end.The sky was a dark shade of orange, with a few sparkles of stars in the sky. We just sit there staring at the sky as we get slaughtered by the zombies.5 has now become none. No human is left on earth, just mindless, emotionless zombies remain. Since there is no humans left the zombie's have no food so, now the zombies are dying. You know how I said that zombies have no emotions? Well some how I do and I am happy that the zombies are going to starve for they ruined our world, they ruined us. Now they are dying HA! HAHAHA I laugh at them even though I am one myself I still see me as human. 

It's been 20 days and there is few zombies left, every single one of them is dying of starvation, apart from me! I can still eat food and drink water. But why me? I've never met any other zombies who could eat and drink and still has a grasp of human emotions. My plan is once the rest of the zombies are dead maybe some day i can find some who are like me, if not i'll just have to die too... All of the zombies are dead, except for me, i have hope that i will find someone like me, i'll search for 4 months, but after that... there's nothing else to do then just die as well...



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