Fake Humanity

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This story deals with the inhumaneness of some rich people. They think that every part of life can be bought with money, but the LORD wills otherwise.

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



The BMW car made its way to the ‘Little Flower Orphanage.’ World famous businessman and tycoon John’s wife Mary stepped out and walked towards the office. Her walk was graceful, but also included was a bit of pride. She enquired the gardener who was trimming the plants.

“Is the orphanage warden inside? I have an appointment,” quipped Mary.

The gardener, Martin, having recognized Mary, replied politely, “Yes Mrs John, she is waiting for you at the office.”

Mary made her way to the office. “Good Morning, Mrs Jesse,” she greeted the warden.

“Good Morning, Mrs John,” replied Jesse, “How was your journey to the orphanage?”

“Fine,” Mary replied impatiently “It was almost two years I married John, and I had come to select a boy for adoption,” she concluded.

“Very nice,” said Mrs Jesse, carefully analyzing the signs on Mary’s face. “But has your husband given his permission?”

“He has; that is the reason why I am here,” Mary.

“There are fifty boys in the hostel. You can come and have a look,” Jesse invited Mary.

Around the hostel they went, and Mary was surprised. The orphanage housed only handicapped children and Mary chided in her heart, her secretary for not properly checking out the details. At the same time, her rich ego did not allow her to accept the mistake. All along the walk and the conversation, she wanted a boy who is healthy, handsome and intelligent. But this was not the orphanage which she wanted to visit.

“Mrs Jesse, is it possible that I can come tomorrow. I have an urgent meeting to attend.”

“But you have not seen all the boys,” Jesse said calmly. She was still not able to determine as to how Mary and John could adopt a handicapped child as one of their own.

“Well, my secretary will get in touch with you and we will proceed further,” Mary replied bluntly.

She then made a hasty retreat.

Martin, who was eyeing the conversation, pitched in, “Sometimes, the Gifts of the LORD are strange. Mrs Mary, according to media reports, selects only the best and buys only the top rated products. I was still surprised to see her here. She could not bear a child herself, but she still looks for faults in others.”

“How do you know all these?,” Mrs Jesse asked in surprise.

“Oh, the paparazzi. They skin alive these celebrities’ true lives. Now I am sure you will never hear from her again. She will now look for an orphanage where children are healthy, smart, handsome etc.”

Mrs Jesse nodded her head in approval and went to the office, dejected as to how some humans always use others for their own interests.

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