Love:Past ; Marriage:Present ; Happiness - Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some say, women get angry easily because they are possessive. But it also shows how much they care for their husband. Husbands, on the other hand, if they understand the love of a wife, will never get angry. Marriage is meant for happiness.

John and Mary were known for their understanding and love. But one day, hell broke loose.

“How can you do this?” Mary was yelling at the top of her voice.

John was amazed for a moment. He knew that something was amiss for a few days. The day his gossiping aunt, Indra made a visit, his sixth sense told him that a fight is going to happen.

Indra, his aunt always had/has the bad habit of bringing a fight to every home she pays a visit.

‘So, what do you want now?,” John asked.

“Is it true that you loved a girl called Jennifer, before marriage?,” Mary asked in disgust.

‘Yes,” replied John.

“And you hid it from me purposely,” demanded Mary.

“I did not hide my past. I thought that would be unnecessary,” John’s voice was calm.

“If you had told me before, I would have never married you,” Mary spoke in a sharp tone.

“Do you think so? You also had a boyfriend by name, Martin. I know your affair before marriage.

But I never questioned you. Martin is your past and Jennifer is my past. How does that make a difference?” John replied in a cool voice without taking his eyes off Mary’s face.

Mary’s anger waned. But she wanted to know the truth.

“Why did you not ask me?” demanded Mary.

“Because I personally know how losing a true love hurts,” John replied with tears in his eyes.

Mary could not control her tears also.

She embraced him and John also did the same.

Their differences solved, they lived happily ever after.

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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