Character Annihilation

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Will you recognize yourself when the media has finished with you?

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



Character Annihilation


You have been chosen,

You have been elected;

For the media’s attention

You have been selected.


You think your life’s your own

Well, you’d better think again.

You’ll be recreated by

The media’s poison pen.


Taken out of context --

Be careful what you say

‘Cause words will come to haunt you

On a future day.


Maybe they will take some ‘facts’,

Mixed up with bits of tales;

Theirs to reinterpret

If everything else fails.


Do you remember what you did

Five years ago today?

They’ll dig and prod a memory

But it won’t be yours, okay.


It’s amazing the attraction of

Getting your name a mention,

It can really be a miracle

On a stranger’s pasts retention.


Do you know this person

Who is spilling all these lies?

Depending on their content

Denial might be unwise.


The media it thrives upon

Those who make a scene,

Better let it all die down

And think what might have been.


Best to stay unnoticed

By that media machine

As you won’t recognise yourself

When you’re shown on that screen.


You’ll have been dissected,

Inspected part by part;

Character annihilation --

The media’s made it an art.

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