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Why am I under arrest? And who is this woman?

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016





What have I done now? I don’t know, haven’t a clue, but here I am shut in a cell, barefoot and wearing a government issue tracksuit. I’ve not seen one other person since I was unceremoniously brought here what must be close on twelve hours ago. Nothing to eat, nothing to drink. Nothing to do except sit on this rock-solid bench and stare at the wall.


I wish I knew what I had done wrong. I’m a real law abiding citizen. I’ve never even had a parking ticket, never even queue jumped! I’m the sort of person that would always give up my seat for pregnant women and old ladies; the sort of person that would stand there holding the door of a shop open for someone else approaching, even though they continue taking their own sweet time.


Well, I must have done something!


Maybe I am just about to find out as an armed guard is approaching my cell, unlocking the door. Ah, it seems I’m to be handcuffed. Perhaps I thumped someone in my sleep, knocked their teeth clean out or something! That’s as likely a story as any other I can think of for me being kept here.


Into the courtroom, into the dock. I can see why I am barefoot. If I’d had shoes on I’d have dwarfed the woman and even now I top her by several inches. And I’m by no means tall. She stands in front of me. Quite amazing really how someone that has to look slightly upwards still manages to look down their nose. She obviously thinks of me as the dirt on her shoe. But why?


“How dare you!” She is outraged at me about something.


I don’t say anything. I have absolutely no idea what she is talking about.


“I’ll say it again. How dare you?”


Okay, she clearly wants me to give her some kind of answer but I don’t know what to say. I have no clue what the hell she’s on about. “I.....I don’t know what you mean!” I said.


“You! You think that you know enough about anyone to write, do you? Do you really know enough about life? You are so presumptuous, think yourself so clever. Well, you are not. You are an idiot, a fool. An absolute moron!”




“Did I ask you to speak? I did not. So shut your mouth and listen. Stop writing all this trash, this tripe. You can have opinions, but keep them to yourself. Nobody wants to know what a worthless, useless piece of human rubbish like yourself thinks about anything.”




“Silence.” She’s actually almost spitting at me now. I’m thinking back over all that I have written. Well, something has upset someone but what or who remains a mystery. “Remove it all. Every single thing that you have written. Remove it and destroy it!” She’s bending forward now, a bit of a mistake on her part as she now has to look up even more. “Instantly! Right away! As soon as you leave this courtroom. And I don’t ever want to see your name appear on the internet, or anywhere else come to that, again. Go and get on with it. And remember in future that you are absolutely nothing and nobody wants to listen to what you have to say.”


So I go. I walk out of that courtroom. I can’t fail to notice that they don’t return my clothes, my shoes. This tracksuit’s probably better than the one I was wearing when they arrested me so I won’t complain. If anyone notices my lack of footwear they keep their comments to themselves. Perhaps that’s what I should do too.


It’s still a mystery to me but someone sure doesn’t like me. Am I going to remove all my postings? Should I?


Nah. To hell with them all!



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