journey of love

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one morning a spoiled brat atul finds a gift box at his doorstep. he finds a letter addressed to him. he recalls his journey of burhanpur where a encountered with his love....

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



"koun mar rha hai itni subah-subah" I shouted in anger & irritation when door bell rang continuously for the third time. First I waited for my room partner 'Vedu' to open the door,but when he didn't wake up ,I threw the blanket apart and got up from the bed. Vedu was still sleeping with his both hands in his' superman print's short' . He was continously iching there mumbling the word ' khusboo' name of his ex girlfriend.

I opened the door rubbing my eyes. There was nobody at the door. 'SALI NAJAJEZ AULAD' I abused my neighbour MISHRA JI's twelve years kid 'chiku' who often ring the door bell and run away. I was sure that today also that busterd had disturbed my sleep.

As I was about to close the door I saw a box wrapped in a blue gift paper and an orange ribbon. I gussed it may be for vedu from his new girlfriend 'Neha'. I opened the box ,there was a DSLR Camera , a weeding card & a letter inside it. I was puzzled that who had send this expensive gift to this horny bustard. I read the letter, I was shocked, my senses stopped working. Letter was from Aisha addressed to me.

I kept staring at camera, weeding card and letter in an order again and again. My mind flooded with the memories of 'Burhanpur' which I visited exactly three months ago.

It was occasion of vedu's sister wedding. Vedu invited me and our four batch mate, and as an Engineering students, we couldn't say no to free food & alcohol. I gussed Vedu invited me just not because I was his roommate but also a passionate photographer & he will get my service @ free of cost.

I packed my bag with two pair of jeans and shirts,two Durjoy dutta's novel and a camera gifted by my father at my 14th birthday. Vedu packed his bag with packets of cigarette and condoms.

'Prevention is better than cure'. He winked and slipped one more packet in the bag.

As planned we reached Burhanpur at the time of dusk because we were aware of the heat of the city in summer. We roamed around the city just to watch the hot girls of the hot city and to label them as cute,sexy and average.

'Smile' I was repeating this word every time before capturing every photo in photo session. I clicked various photos of Groom & bride, relatives in various weird poses till my memory card got filled. We were on the roof of vedu's home. "Just one more bro we have to pay the loan of Mr. Vijay Malaya" vedu threw one more 'Kingfisher' beer towards me. We kept boozing till we emptied 3 IB,3 RS and 4 beer cans. After boozing we lied down on the floor

. Sky was clear. Pleasant breeze was blowing, crafting a blissful atmosphere. vedu and others were busy in counting stars in intoxication.

I was just looking the photos that I had captured in photo session. By going through the photos with fake smiles, my eyes glued at a photo with a genuine smile and a pretty face . It was seeming that the girl in white 'chudidar' is peeping out through the photo. I don't know whether it was alcohol or that girl who was loaded with cuteness, but a tranquil sleep embraced me & I lost in dreams of her....

To be continued... Vinod Rathore


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