Legend of the time keeper

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Hope you like it! chapter 2 is possible.

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



 I was sleeping when it happened, or at last that's what he told me after it was over. I am writing down my experiences at the end of time.. and a portal to other times.

All I remember is waking up in a small chair. I was in a long corridor, dimly lit with oil lanterns and torches. “Welcome” a lisp said. It seemed like the voice came out of nowhere. “Where am I ?” I yelled into the dim room. “At the end of time. And a central hub of different times.” the darkness replied, yet it was almost unknown what he said because of the lisp. “You are wanted in your many incarnations of yourself, X, or should I say, Xaiver Desmond. Your are wanted in twelve countries for theft, arson, and the murder of Captain Opal June . You, my friend were hard to find.” “ What do you want from me?!” I screamed. “ I need you to steal a key.” he sprayed at me. “I will guide you with a clone. Succeed,and you will become immortal. Fail, death. Understood?” “That does sound sweet. I'm in.” As soon as I finished, I blacked out. I woke up under a tree, weak, frail and hungry. My hands curled around something. An axe and a shield was lying next to me. The cold metal sent a chill down my spine. “Get up.” a small voice said softly. It was the man. He was dressed in a red robe with a hood over his head and a mask on his mouth and nose. I stood up and felt a wave of dizziness through my body, like a wave on a rocky cliff. “I know where it is. It is only a two day trip.” So I got up and left. During this walk that his name was Jess Peters, The Time Keeper. There wasn't much trouble except the gang of hallow goblins stole our loot. “Ah! a chance to practice your fighting skills.” ( there are two kids of goblins, hallow and normal. hallow is evil, normal is, well , normal). Since I had experiences with melee weapons, it was simple to get our loot and flee. After a long day of walking, we stopped at an inn called The Krakens Claw. I sat down as Jess put down twelve drents, the local currency. Two plates and two pints, kind sir!” He said. As we ate, a mage tapped me sharply on the shoulder. “Hey, buddy, food for spells.” he rasped in my ear. I gave him some bread from my plate. He took to food gingerly. As if it was made of snowflakes. He spoke a few words of the old religion and touches my forehead. “It is done,” he said. I have felt stronger ever since. I went to my room, (which I paid for), and fell into an uneasy sleep. I dreamt that my mother got shot. I woke up, sweating, to see a bandit rummaging through my belongings. I slowly picked up my steel weapon and charged at him. He just slid to the side and said, “Easy there...spare an apple and some coin?” I thought about it for a second, wondering should I let him go or teach him a lesson. I decided to let him go. “Go,” I said coldly, and he slipped away.

Jess came to get me in the morning. He said, “It will all be over soon, the key will soon be in our possession.” So, we were on our way once again. There was not much trouble on the way, except a small bandit ambush at Deadman's Gorge. As we were walking on a seemingly infinite road,We saw the small temple on the horizon, “It will not be easy,” Jess lisped. “There is a maze of traps up ahead.” He closed his eyes for a moment. “I sense something else in the maze,but it is unknown what is in there.” “It is up to you to obtain the key.” I decided to use my intuition to guide myself through the maze. It actually wasn't too bad, besides the wall of flames. I had to jump through that one. I remember my hair being completely singed and covered in black soot. I saw the chest right in front of me. I took a single step and heard a click. It was a gas trap! I quickly ran toward the chest, grasped the key, and walked out just in time to black out from lack of air.

When I came to, I was in the same big, dimly lit room. Jess was sitting down directly in front of me in a chair. He said, “You have done well...I believe you have the key?” I tossed it to him. “Good,” he said darkly. No lisp now...hmmm. “I have always wanted to get out of this place, but since you have the key you will take my place for all of eternity.” “b-but that wasn't the deal!”I screamed “Yes it was, a useless key for staying here immortal. Ever since Winpole the first, the first timekeeper, all timekeepers have been deceiving each other to become timekeepers. A mastered art,as I should say, But don't worry, You might have a fraction of a small chance to have fun; Duncan Wadpole did!” He than laughed the cliché villian laugh. What's next, a mustache twirl? He swished his robe and was gone. I was in awe. Duped! By a hooded demon! I guess I should start finding a new time keeper. I have all of eternity you know...


To Be Continued?

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