a change of pace

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The following story is my first attempt at writing a novel.
I have been, and still am, influenced by my own life experiences, and that of a few others, my involvement with permaculture, aquaponics, self sufficiency, scuba diving... the list seems endless when i think about it!
Oh, and you can throw in TV series such as The Good Life and the Darling Buds of May.

Main Character: David (Dai) Morgan
Age: 32
Education: Leaving Certificate, gained at a technical college
Employment: 12 years in the Merchant Marine and
2 years at a big-box hardware store.
Dave is a bit of a wheeler-dealer, and has saved a bit. (Actually, he's saved quite a lot.)
sports: sailing, scuba diving
(Has a P.A.D.I. O.W.S.I. License and does some casual instructing.)
Other interests: wide and varied but centered heavily on self-sufficiency.
Enjoys camping and does some shooting. He legally owns 4 rifles (·22 air rifle, ·22 rimfire, ·223, ·308), and a 12 gauge shot-gun.
Currently drives a diesel powered extended-cab table-top truck with long-range fuel tanks, a dual battery system, and a quantity of spares and tools, two scuba tanks and a weight-belt, locked in a large locked metal box bolted to the tray behind the cab.
A two-way radio plus a scanner is fitted in the cab.
A legal gun-safe has been bolted to the floor under the rear sqab and it contains not only his rifles, shotgun and pnuematic speargun but also a small strong-box containing a substantial amount of cash.
He has developed itchy feet working the same job for the past two years and as he has 6 weeks leave due, decides to take it.
Buys camping gear from friends, (a recently married couple who had just found out that a child was on the way), secures it on the truck and heads north. (guns and ammo locked in the gun-case in the truck's cab.)
I welcome any and all feedback, particularly if the reader finds mistakes, of which there are probably quite a few.
hope y'all enjoy.

Table of Contents

Book One

Book 1 A CHANGE OF PACE Quite some distance north of the city Dave stopped at a large town to top-up his truck’s long-range... Read Chapter

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