Creation of the World - A.H. Lore

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Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



In the Beforetime, when the land was very different different from what we know now, no Capitol ruled. No magic flourished. In fact, magic was thought to be mythical, the stuff of legend told in bedtime stories.

But, the sixteen forsaken Spirits of magic, who used to be worshiped as gods, grew angry against man. Some of these Spirits decided that it was time for man to end. The others wanted to prove to man their powers, but give them a second chance.

The two groups of Spirits debated between the two plans.

The Spirit of Space, leader of the group called Reformers, wanted to give man a second chance, and thus It argued against destroying mankind. "Man just wandered astray. Would one kill their child if they stumbled and fell down?"

The Spirit of Chaos, leader of the group called Destroyers, wanted to kill man. "Man is not our child." It says, voice gravelly. "Man makes too many mistakes, and doesn't learn from any of them. If we give them a second chance, they will just forget us again."

After a time of this debating, war broke out among the Spirits. On the world, strange things began to happen. Seas boiled. Ice formed in the warmest of waters. Windstorms and earthquakes happened more and more often. Lightning would strike where it wasn't supposed to in the understanding of science. The regular intervals between day and night shattered. Timekeeping became useless, for time would speed up and slow down at random. The position of planets and stars shifted. Plants and animals started acting abnormally, sometimes even attacking man. Creatures never before seen by man appeared. Matter reformed and deformed. Metal became more and more increasingly rare, all of it corroding at extreme speeds. Floods covered entire continents.

The Spirits of Reform, seeing that the destruction of the Beforetime world was nigh, took up a hundred of the strongest men and stored them in an Otherworld, or pocket dimension, away from the sight of the Spirits of Destruction.

That very same day, the world of the Beforetime died.

The Spirits, realizing what they had done, decided to work together and create a new world. Soon, the Spirits of Destruction found the Otherworld in which the remainder of mankind dwelled. The Spirits debated on what they would do with these humans, and decided that they would be the rulers over the new world.

Each of these humans started to flourish in the art of magic. The Spirits, at first proud of these humans, called Sages, were placed in charge of new humans and animals.

But man's insatiable hunger for power soon got the best of them. They began combining their magics, gaining power to match that of their gods. The Spirits, fearing man for what they might become, erected storm barriers between the ten sections of the world, and made it impossible for the Sages of man to mingle with the neighboring area's Sages.

Eventually, man forgot about their neighbors. But they never forgot the gods who had placed the Storm Barrier to protect them.

And the Spirits of Magic rested.

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