Scientifically Who, or What, is GOD?

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This is where I attempt to scientifically define who or what God is.
DISCLAIMER: This is a somewhat abstract topic, so I'm going to be peicing together an abstract puzzle. That's why I'm using theories of my own (such as Untouched Laws Theory, Singular Omnipotent Force Theory, Non-physical Existence Theory, and even a slight reference to my Multiple Realms Theory) to explain some parts. Don't hate until I'm proven wrong or until I directly offend you. If ever I do, I sincerely apologize. I explain topics like these to possibly expand others' understandings of things and not to hurt others, especially those who are very religious, since this topic teeters between science and religion. I, myself, am a Christian and I'm trying my best not to go against scripture. So, once again, keep an open mind. And I hope you find something meaningful here!

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



There are many who have wondered who God is, and there are some who question His existence. Some even believe that God and Religion is all foolish nonsense because they're not scientifically logical. But really, science hasn't really proven much either, since there are still a lot of phenomena that it can't explain. So we can't disprove anything just yet. The point is: God CAN or at least MAY BE explainable by science. And once God is proven, everything will make sense. Now don't go hating on this article just yet, nope, we're just getting started here. Okay, so He knows and governs everything, He is everywhere, and He supposedly made us all in His image. So now let's try to figure out who, or what God is.

God knows and governs everything. In science, there is something that governs the way things happen and how they happen. Like, 'if and then' or reaction to stimuli. Since science has tested and proven things and has given laws to explain how and why things happen, think about this: what if there were more laws that science isn't able to prove yet due to the lack of data or evidence? Maybe the unexplained phenomena can be proven at a point when that specific law that dictates it is discovered. Since God knows everything, let's say that He knows all these laws; the Known Laws and the Unknown/Untouched Laws. It sounds like it's too simple to be reality, but for us humans, no, it definitely is not. As humans, we have our capabilities and limitations, and we as a race are trying to gain more knowledge and further our improvement. So there is no doubt that we humans will discover more of the Untouched Laws in the future.

Okay, okay, we haven't really gotten much out of God's identity from that, but we're getting there. We've established that there are still a lot of Untouched Laws that have yet to be discovered. And we know how scientific laws are applied all over the world, and how they are the explanations on how everything works. And once we have all the laws, everything connects and not a single law will contradict another. If we think about them again, these laws bring harmony and meaning to everything that happen. So if everything happens for a reason, and everything is connected to each other, what could be the force that binds them all together? Yes, the laws explain them individually, but the laws do not hold them all together as a relevant unit. If so, then there must be a certain Singular Force that brings balance to things. And what might that unseen, omnipresent force be? Yep. It's none other than God. Well, sure, this may seem farfetched now, but there will come a time that this Singular Omnipotent Force Theory of mine will be proven with a law that is currently untouched by man's science.

Now this last one is tricky: God made us in His image. "Wait a minute! We're not unseen forces! #BOOMcontadiction get rekt u dumb author" is probably what you may be thinking or planning on typing on the comments section. But please bear with me a little bit more, I can explain this with another theory. We know how mortal humans are, and how fragile our bodies can be. We are sentient beings with thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of our own. Yet it's still unsure to mankind as to what happens to us when be die. The theory here is that our human bodies aren't our truest forms. What I mean is that we may be beings that are not of this physical world. Okay, you may think this is ridiculous, but keep reading: What about when we sleep; when our bodies are in a state of rest, and yet our minds are wide awake, giving us dreams and nightmares of any sort? And another point to support this Non-physical Existence Theory is the presence of spirits, ghosts, demons, and angels. Spirits and ghosts, being the existence of 'deceased' individuals. So my premise is that our real selves are our non-physical forms, and our bodies are merely vessels that help us figure out 'the basics' of these laws while at the same time learning to interact with other beings. So with that, I can say "Yes, we ARE made in God's image." Since being a non-physical being that can still interact in the physical world makes us an 'unseen force' as well.

In the end of it all, I still can't quite prove that this is all true. But there will come a time when all the truths unfold and everything becomes clearer. Nonetheless, I have concluded so far that God is a Singular Unseen Force that governs the entirety of everything and brings balance to everything. In a way, God is the Truest Truth that is currently unfathomable by man. But there will still come a time that humans will fully understand who or what He is. Hopefully you won't conclude otherwise, since it's a fallacy to disregard something just because it lacks evidence; it's Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam, by the way. And so I hope that we'll all keep our minds open to more ideas.

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