[Explicit] Voices In You're Head!

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This song is based on a true story enjoy

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



I'm not a fucken doctor, but this shot, does sound crazy!
Using hypnosis and subliminal messages, to re route his brain. 
What the fuck, what he goes insane!
I guess that's one down the drain, poor bastard, what was his sick minding going through!

Everyday, every hour, listen for an hour. On the bus. On the walk to work. Fuck he even listened while he jerked.

No one knew his plan, to grow a vagina and to turn I to a woman, fucken knuckle head. Doesn't know that he needs surgery. Not fucken voice in you're head!

He tried breast enlargements, x2
He tried hormone stimulation x2
Orgasm satisfaction x2
And atleast but not least
X and Y chromosome

What a  fucken mental head wreck

The shit didn't work
And now he is paranoid and schizophrenic the voices always seem to talk at home and at work

Seize fire guys I'll handle this one

So stay safe don't try bad ideas subliminal messages seriously 
Get a transplant 

Seriously someone tried subliminal and got an infection in his rear!

No actual proof had been seen by anyone not using medications
So I you wanna a cheap way to grow boobs use tissue in a bra
Then going fucken insane

He'll yeah fuck that shit off

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