Go undone

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Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



Dreamer, dreamer,
How many times, must I. Call you're name
Do you hear my voice calling out
I guess you're too busy with you're 
Life out on the line trying to change you're mind

The drugs You use are In effect
Congratulations but When I come back you will wish we never met!

Help me, I sit on the floor with drool, cps I can't speak. Unless my sub-conscience always me too
If he's mad, I get upset and see the demons fly around an swarm my breath
No rest when he's making moves
I can't sleep I wish for death but it is no good
It is no good

Why the fuck can't i 
Find a piece of mind
How did it get so bad
Was it the drugs or my brain
Fucken ruining cos of my dad

Yes that's true my dad is a screw loose
If it's hereditary I guess I'm fucked
I Know other friends dads are fools been on the drugs for years now they children suffer at school

How do I reverse this curse
Been going on since I was at birth
My brain does not work like it should
I am fucked and of course
 A paranoid fool

It never used to be this bad
All the alcohol I had
Made a permanent situation
Where it didn't work 
I would only ending having hour long conversations with my self
Then of I had drugs i would be in loving Hell
God was not there for me
Never was
I am a bosomed bastardisation son
Of my own creator doesn't give a fuck if I die now or later in the clouds having a party with his children that praised him for all the years doesn't even know what a nipple is 
So clean and pure sin isn't effect on there life anymore

I tried to do that but I sinned more
Cos the enemy is stronger then ever before

So we are at the last generation
No more years on this agenda world domination at the door
And the cops are kicking it down cause of martial law

Ohhhh what a pity there's more
Atleast will rise swallow up the whole
And meet spit out all the good chunks of energy just justify chunks of anarchy 

Forget you're wife forget the sons the earth won't die it's just gonna be us
Rapture is true
Don't expect it to happen to you
The time has come realise what you have done grab a gun age the earth kill yourself
And just be done



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