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a short story raising awareness on cutting.

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016




A gleaming piece of metal with a long wooden handle lay before the boy. Though lifeless it enticed the boy to use it on himself. One incision cannot do any harm, can it? It reasoned. By the way, you relieve yourself and then you will be set free! Tame pain, tame pressure, tame fate! The boy could see the knife making its points in his head. A tear skid across the boy's dusty face making a clear mark on his face. Marks, pressure, academics, family problems, bullying all beat down on the poor boy. He reached out his hand, grabbed the knife in his trembling state and decide to set himself free. He decided to break all realms, physical, mental, spiritual by making one deep cut. One swipe and he could reach bliss. He could reach nocturnal heaven, a place free from all worries by making one move. One cut. One swipe. One gesture. To him, apparently this was the case. Little did the boy realize that nocturnal heaven is just a sham, a figment of human imagination, that hope was alive and that lives like his could be saved. He positioned the knife on his left hand. Slowly, he pushed the knife deeper and deeper, moving it forward and backwards. The boy sniggered, giggling every time he moved the knife. Blood gushed out but the boy simply would not stop. He cried out in laughter and slowly started hating the world. He despised religion, love, kindness and all the positive qualities that came with it. The artery in his left hand was torn. He pulled it out, laughing while he did. He then, dragged the knife across his cheek, pulling at his sophomore flesh on both sides. His conscience was lost, his moral were lost, his sanity was lost and it was never found again. The next morning, his step mother found him lying in a pool of his own blood. His face was scarred beyond recognition. Covering his face was a sheet of paper on which the boy written, using his own blood as ink: 

I have tamed life
I have tamed death
I have fought wars in bated breath 
With one slice, with one cut,
Into nocturnal heaven I now run,
But one question I ask now is this
About life and all its structuredness,


© Copyright 2018 Jason S Jose. All rights reserved.

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