bonds oh bonds

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Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



That day when everything exploded,
You were there holding my hand,
I knew it was you,
Though I did not look up at you.
You were always greater than I ever was.

You were the shelter above my head,
Keeping me warm when the skies were grey.
You were the great force behind me,
scaring away the hungry wolves.
You were walking in front of me
leading the way, in case I got lost.
You are the reason I am what I am today,
I am in debt to you,
From the blood that runs in my veins,
To the peacefulness surrounding me,
I am really grateful.

But dear dad,
Did you know when you were in front of me
I couldn’t see where we were going?
Did you know when you scared away the wolves
you scared that little deer too?
While you were sheltering me,
did you know I never go to see the rainbows after rain?

I was hidden from reality,
Kept in your safe cage,
trapped in your love,
threatened by your feelings.
Oh how one can intrude another’s feelings
Bonds oh bonds,
Easy to make, harder to break,
Cycle of pain to live along with.

Oh mother,
How can you be the one I want to leave
and the one I could never let go of?
Why is it so hard to live when life hasn’t even started fighting yet?

Dad, I think when you were leading the way,
I just wanted to get lost.

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