The Bergie Visit - Part 2

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A little girl meets the Bergie, and a friendship happens.

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



"A Child Meets Bergie"

One spring afternoon one of the maids children was playing with her kitten on a middle staircase, suddenly the Kitten decided to bound up the stairs leading to the Great room; and of course the girl followed in an effort to catch the kitten. She finally caught up to it just outside the doors that lead into the great room, and once securing the Kitten the girl started to descend the stairs when she heard singing, it was softly sung, almost as a whisper.

The girl turned and then reached for the door handle, thinking that it would be locked, but it wasn't. As the door partly opened, the girl stuck her head inside and could hear the singing more plainly, it was coming from the verandah.

Ever so quietly, the girl tip-toed toward the sound, being very careful not to disturb the singer. As she approached the wide double doors that lead out onto the verandah, which were opened all the way, she saw the Bergie. It was just sitting peacefully, watching the sunset, and singing.

The little girl seemed to know the tune, but the words were different, somehow. She had heard the song before, but she didn't remember when, or where.

Soon the girl grew weary and sat down next to the edge of the doorway to listen to this enchanting song, and to watch the beautiful sunset; she drifted off to sleep as the kitten bounded toward the Bergie.


"Does this Kitten belong to you?" A voice lightly inquired.

"Hello, little girl, is this your kitten?" The voice asked again.

The little girl awoke with her kitten dangling in the air, and right in front of her nose. She instantly grabbed it and backed her body against the opened door, clutching the cat.

"Don't eat it, (Please!)," the little girl whimpered, "it is my only friend."

"I don't eat cats, they are family," the Bergie noted. Besides, it is so small and very cut, the way it bounces around like that, well, it reminds me of me when I was a younger Bergie."

The Little girl was shaking, nervously, but managed to ask, "Are you going to eat me?"

"Of course not child, we too are distant cousins, if the truth were to be known, and we share a mystical past far greater than all the stories ever told; we are RIN."

"Do you have a name?" The little girl sheepishly asked.

"My Mother named me this, {The One from a Celestial Place}, but over the years it has been shortened to Celeste, so I guess you could call me Celeste," the Bergie answered. "And what might be your name be, child?" She asked.

"I am Samantha, daughter of Maynet and Ronard, servants of Mylon the great, Wizard ruler of this mountain. But you may call me Sam if you'd prefer, everyone else does"

Celeste made a slight purring sound and said, "Then it is done, you will call me Celeste and I will call you Sam. But what do we call your furry little friend?" Celeste inquired.

"Mergatroid," replied Sam.

"Mergatroid?" Questioned Celeste. "What kind of name is that for a cat?"

Then Sam got a sad look on her little face and said, "It is something my grandpa used to say when I would do something surprising, or unusual, he would place one hand on each side of his face and say, {"Heavens to Mergatroid!"}, it always made me laugh."

Celeste replied, "Well I guess that this kitten has the purrrrr-fect name, because kittens are always doing surprising and unusual things; and humorous too."


"Well, I fear your parents may be looking for you, it grows dark outside," Celeste mentioned.

"You are so right," Sam exclaimed while jumping to her feet, "my mother will soon call me to dinner.

I'd better go back downstairs before she has a Hissy and I get in trouble," Sam said as she thanked Celeste and asked if she could visit again.

"I would like another visit," Celeste replied, "in the afternoon is the best time for me."


On the way downstairs Sam decided not to tell anyone about her meeting with the Bergie, she was sure that they would forbid her from going back up to the Great Room. Sam's Father might even put a lock on the stairway door; he is so protective of her.


Over the next week Sam and Celeste had some great conversations during their imaginary tea parties. Celeste had never been to a tea party before, imaginary or otherwise, so she really enjoyed being a part of this new experience.

After imaginary tea and some real shortbread cookies, the two went out onto the verandah to watch the sunset.

"Will you teach me the song that you were singing as you watched the sunset?" Sam asked Celeste.

Celeste smiled in a way only Bergies smile and replied, "I can't teach you what you already know. Close your eyes and feel the sun setting, the song will find you."

Sam was confused by what Celeste said, but she did just as Celeste did. And as they both sat facing the sun, they shut their eyes and in just a few moments Sam began to hum. At first Sam could only hum the tune, and then as Celeste joined in humming, then Sam began singing the words; words that she knew but did not understand.

Sam did not restrict her voice like Celeste had done, so her voice became like a Angelic Tenner in a great church quire, her voice ring down the mountain sides and across the expanse of the sky.

Everyone in and outside of the castle stopped what they were doing to listen, it was awe inspiring, the most beautiful thing that they had ever heard. And of course, they all thought that it was the Bergie making the sounds and forming the words that none of them understood.

"She must be calling to her long lost family," some reasoned. Others felt that she was calling to a mate or offspring, much like wolves do. But none understood the words so they had no idea for sure.

After the song ended Sam looked at Celeste and asked, "How did I do that?"

"You were touched by RIN. RIN gave our soul a voice, that is what you felt and everyone heard," Celeste replied.

"It was kind of scarey, in a way," Sam said about the experience.

Celeste reassured Sam by saying, "The fear flies away over time, do not fear it, RIN is good and protects you.

Now tell me more about you Grandfather. Tell me all about him for I want to know everything."


Weeks turned into months, Sam and Celeste became best of friends, knowing almost everything about the other. But alas, all that was to come to a bitter end.


Every time Sam would leave Celeste she would sneak past the living quarters and the kitchen, and then she would go out, into the castle grounds, so it appeared that she was outside playing, and not upstairs.

This evening was no different, except as she started back into the castle her parents were suddenly there, standing in front of her.

"Where have you been going in the afternoon’s young lady?" Sam's Mother demanded to know. "You’re Father and I searched this entire castle this afternoon and could not find you."

Sam's Father interrupted and said, “This is not a game, you will be locked in your room until you tell us where you were. Now tell us!"

Sam was visibly upset and started to cry when she noticed her parents backing away from her. Their eyes were wide and they started to shiver.

Sam turned to look at whatever her parents were looking at and saw Celeste; she was in a non-threatening seated position right next to Sam.

Celeste told the parents, "Your daughter was with me, we have become friends and you have no reason to think that she is in any danger. Not only would I never harm her, or any of the people in this castle, I would protect her with my life."

By now Sam's Father had regained his composer and countered, "You are a Bergie, not a human. It is hard enough to trust humans with my daughter's welfare, let alone a Bergie. My Father was killed by a Bergie in the Jagged-rock pass, on this very mountain. And you say that I am supposed to trust you with my daughter's life? As far as I know, you were the Bergie that killed my Father!"

Suddenly Sam looked at Celeste as if Celeste had slapped her in the face! Sam was never told that a Bergie was involved in her Grandfather's death, only that he had fallen from a cliff. Sam was heartbroken and began to cry as she ran into the castle.

Celeste's heart sank and tears welled up in her eyes, she was sure that she had lost her friend and her purpose.

Shortly thereafter Celeste drew very near to Sam's trembling Father and said something to him, and from the look on his face it was something that he did not expect to hear.

Afterward and without hesitation, she flew into the sky.

The next day Celeste was gone, she had vacated the Great Room. It was spring and the melting snow had revealed the location of Celeste's former cave. So with some digging she soon made it livable and moved back in. It wasn't as dry, nor did it have the beautiful afternoon view of the horizon, as did the Great Room, but Celeste had brought some of the castle rugs and curtains with her, so that helped to make it cozy and a tad more comfortable.


Weeks had passed after the incident, but resentment still lingered within the castle walls and in the hearts of some of those within. And so it went, one night at the communal dinner table the subject of the Bergie departure was brought up.

"Well, it is a fine how-do-you-do. We had the perfect Soil Replenishment Additive Maker living right upstairs and you ran her off," said one of the gardeners to Sam's Father. "We had a great business going too, selling Bergie Balls to the farmers as they went to market. They were all so happy with the product that many traveled all the way up the mountain just to get more! Now they come and we have to turn them away because we have no Bergie. We needed those food-stuffs that they traded with us, it was good having apples, grapes, and vegetable we can't grow on this mountain. I'm just saying, there are plenty of us who miss that Bergie and it is just a fine state of affairs."

The gate keeper spoke next and said, "What did that Bergie say to you anyway, you know, just before she flew off?"

Sam's Father slammed his fork into the table and stormed off.

"I know what the Bergie said," said Thelma, one of the kitchen help, "I was real close when she said it. I could tell if anyone really cares what that beast said."

"I care," said Sam, "tell me."

"Yes, tell us all," said the Gatekeeper.

"The Bergie said that she was just a pup when your Grandfather met his end. She said that your Grandfather died while battling a bear who was trying to eat that Bergie.

The bear and your Grandfather fell to their deaths when the ledge that they stood upon broke under their weight, but the

Bergie survived. It seems that your Father blames the Bergie and not the Bear for what happened."


Sam felt so sad inside, she ran to the staircase and up she went, but the Great Room was empty. In her heart she knew that Celeste would not be there, but there was still that glimmer of hope that remained; just as that glimmer of light from the setting sun streamed into the windows.

Sam went to the verandah and sat down facing the sun, as she closed her eyes she began to sing a different song, not like the last. This song was so sad and mournful and it brought tears to the eyes of all that could hear it; yet none knew why they cried. ...


Please see Part Three, Mylon the Wizard returns and the story concludes; for now.

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