The Bergie Visit - Part 3

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Part three, Mylon returns with an army hot on his trail. Will anyone survive?

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



A year passed, then another, and finally Mylon returned without the Magic Golden Ring; it seems that he was distracted by a more interesting quest and ventured in that direction instead. He can be somewhat flighty at times.

Yet, the new quest proved to be just as adventurous and seemingly very profitable, he returned with a chest full of treasure.

Unfortunately, there was an army in hot pursuit! They were just two days ride behind him and his people, and their Commander wanted his treasure back. A treasure which the Commander, Shimm, had acquired by raiding several cities along his route of destruction.

However, the somewhat illogical Mylon was not willing to return it and must have thought his spells and incantations would disable the army of one thousand. But there was a glitch in Mylons presumed thinking, or so some thought.

Shimm was a Warlock and had cast a spell over his army that protected them from all manner of metal weapons, and any magic spells that might be hurled at them during battle. Arrows fell to the ground far short of hitting Shimm's warriors, spears did the same, swords turned to dust in battle, and all other manner of metal weapons failed in their pursuits.

This was an invulnerable army when face with the standard metal weapons of warfare and the fleeting spells of a Wizard.

It appeared that Shimm was about to retrieve his treasure, and in doing so, he would kill everyone that was associated with Mylon.


There was but one road that leads to the castle, and in the winter and early spring it could not be traveled by man or beast of burden. After the snow melt and the ground dried, then the passage was open to travel, one oxcart wide, or two men with packs, walking side by side.

For two days Mylon and his people watched two hundred of the Shimm's Army trek up the dirt road, they bore only Bows, shields, and swords for battle.

"This shall be an easy victory," Shimm told his personnel aid and lead apprentice, "our scouts tell me that there are less than a hundred within the castle grounds and few are warriors. What a fool that Mylon is! He shall loose his life, his castle, and his mountain, at the dawn of this day. And I shall regain my treasures and any that he may have within his castle."


Just as Shimm's two hundred rounded the last curvature in the mountain road, the sun was rising. They now were less than three miles from the castle gate and were fully visible to Mylon and his people along the castle walls, including Sam who was watching from the Great Room's verandah.

"Give them their treasure back," cried several servants of Mylon. "Shall we perish for gold and silver?"

"It is not my treasure to return to this murderer, Shimm the Warlock. I cannot bring back those that he killed out of greed, but I surly will return his plunder to the rightful owners, hopefully it will hep them care for their fatherless families and motherless children.

Believe me when I say that we will defeat this army and Shimm shall pay the price for his treachery."

Then Mylon floated into the air above them and said, "You will not perish today and you will not perish by the hands of these warriors, RIN is with us. Behold, Shimm's invincible warriors are about to be made the fools by a Bergie!" With that said, Mylon pointed to the soldiers front lines.

On a cliff, above and ahead of the soldiers, Celeste stood watching, and with one mighty convulsion she heaved a huge fur-ball onto the road below. It landed on the road with a SPLAT and spread out like a pancake on a griddle. Then Bergie did it again, this time it was a mass of bone, tissue, muscle, and God knows what else; SPLAT, it spread.

By the time of the second dropping the smell had even reached the castle, everyone quickly wet rags and towels to cover their noses with, the smell was horrendously nauseating, but somewhat tolerable from that distance.

Shimm's warriors, however, were not doing all that well. The first fifty, or maybe more, were only yards from the SPLAT, and they were on their knees vomiting furiously. Those further back were dragging them away, vomiting, and retreating with clothing covering their noses.

Those in the castle cheered and danced with joy!

But Sam knew that that was not the end to this story, she saw Celeste fly to the road in front of the castle gate and land; that told Sam that the warriors would return.

As Sam made her way down the long staircase she did not see Mylon float over the Bergie and sprinkle a sparkling dust upon Celeste. Then he returned to his vantage point above the wall.

"Open the gate and let me out!" Sam cried from the grounds in front of the drawbridge.

"Is this the child that sings the songs of the Bergie?" Mylon asked a nearby servant.

"It is my lord," was the reply.

"At what pitch does she sing?" Mylon inquired.

The servant looked puzzled by the question.

Mylon repeated the question with a hint of scorn in his otherwise gentle voice, "At what pitch does she sing?" Bass, Tenner..."

The servant cut him off in an effort to answer quickly, "Tenner My Lord, she sing like angel from heaven and the sound reverberates down the mountain's sides.

"Ah Good, that means Celeste has found the child," Mylon said, whispering to himself."

Then Mylon yelled loudly, "Let the child join the Bergie and Do Not close the entry again. Leave the drawbridge down and the castle gates open."

Sam raced out as soon as she could and joined her friend with a very long hug and a kiss on the nose. I'm sorry soon followed from Sam and there were tears flowing freely. Sam never noticed the sparkling dust that was now on her as well.


It was late afternoon by the time that the warriors had cleared the road of Bergie droppings and they soon began moving toward the castle. The sun was in it's first stages of setting when Celeste began to sing softly, facing the sunset. Soon Sam joined in and their voices grew loader and loader, the warriors stopped advancing and just listened intently at the sound.

Mylon waved his wand and suddenly everyone in the castle knew the words to the song, they began to sing as well. Singing at the tops of their voices, the sound was as one voice in harmony. And as they sang they left the castle grounds and filled the areas behind and to the sides of the Bergie.

The song's sound traveled down the mountain side and into Shimm's encampment, rendering everyone spellbound. The warriors, the women of the camp, and all the children suddenly began to sing, all except for Shimm.

Shimm knew what was happening, the controlling spell that he had cast upon all the men of the army was failing, and he could not cast that same spell twice; once free from it, then they would be free for the rest of their days.

There was only way to stop that from happening, Shimm had to stop the singers from finishing the song.

Shimm dawned his war-vest and spell-shield, grabbed his magic staff, and called his mystical dragon to ride.

He was too late, by the time he reached the castle the song was over and the spell was permanently broken; his warriors were free men once more.

Shimm was beside himself with anger and he wanted revenge.

As soon as Shimm arrived at the castle he had the dragon put him down on the castle wall, not far from Mylon. Then Shimm sent the dragon to kill the Bergie who was standing guard at the gate.

By then the castle residents and Sam had taken shelter, as per Mylon's instructions. But Sam was given other instructions by Mylon as well.

Everyone watched as the mighty dragon landed in front of Celeste and immediately showered her with a blast of fire, which didn't harm her at all. The dragon looked surprised and did it again. This time the stream of fire just circled around Bergie and did nothing.

The dragon was dumb-founded and a bit ashamed; after all, what kind of dragon has a fire that can't hurt anyone. In the mind of this Dragon, it is a useless dragon.

Then came the final blow to the Dragon's ego, Sam came out from behind Celeste and paraded around.

"What's the matter, you useless dragon, can't you even set a Bergie on fire?" She said in a mocking tone. You are so helpless; I'll bet that you can't even ignite a child with that burn-less fire."

The Dragon was furious and spit a fire-ball at Sam, which just bounced off of her and landed in the fire-pond that was a few yards away.

At that point Bergie Roared an earth shaking roar and the Dragon fled in fear.

"You are finished Shimm and your magic is now useless. You have used it up and squandered it on selfish pursuits, RIN is displeased," Mylon said as he turned Shimm into a mountain goat; which bounded off to who knows where.


The two-hundred former warriors of Shimm, those who had ascended the mountain, made a pact with Mylon to return the treasure. Being warriors from childhood, they pledged loyalty to Mylon and would return to serve RIN; so Mylon's family grew.

Many more of the former warriors of Shimm settled in the valleys around the mountain and became farmers, smithies, carpenters, and the like. It became a thriving community of former warriors, warriors that still can't be harmed by anything metal because Shimm's spell still lingered over them all. How long will it last? No one knows. But we may find out in another story, on another day.


As for the Rubians, I have heard from a Wizard that there are stories that may explain their sudden disappearance, but what kind of stories, he didn't say.


Sam story isn't finished either, but I will tell you that she became Mylon's apprentice and was given the duty to watch for the new children of RIN, no matter what form they might take.

Celeste knew that Sam was a child of RIN, just as Sam's grandfather knew that Celeste, the Bergie, was too. He gave his life so that the chain would go on, unbroken. Mylon discovered that Sam's Grandfather was a child of RIN and so the chain continues unbroken throughout the ages. One child of RIN will pass on the knowledge to the next one, or many, so none will go by unnoticed, or forgotten.


And so it was that Celeste was to meet Sam, by the guidance of RIN, so she could teach her all she knew and understood about finding the next child, or children, no matter what form they were to take.

But unfortunately Bergies do not live forever, nor do they have an end number like humans do. No, when their earthly task has been fulfilled, then they are gone. And so it is understandable that while singing a song with her friend, she faded into the sunset. 


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  09-05-2016


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