Chico and the Dane

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Chico is on an endless search for food when he meets the neighborhood bully. Will this thug get what he deserves?

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



On the streets of Mexico Chico was scrounging his dinner. He came across a trash bin that had been flipped on its side, garbage pouring out on the ground. He ran over to the pile and began feasting. A woman came out of the nearby house carrying another bag of trash.

"Why you…" She stomped back inside and returned with a broom in hand. She began whacking the dog away. "Get out of here you mangy thing!" she gave the trembling animal a kick in the side. Chico yelped and ran away. Once again he was wandering the streets in search of a meal. A figure stood in his way, casting a shadow on the small dog. He looked up for the source. When Chico saw the source he cowered and began shaking.

"By your reaction you must know me," said the Great Dane. "I can smell food on you. Where is it from?"

"A… a while back… that way, th… there was a trash pi… pile."

"Which way did you say?"

"Th… that way." The Dane stepped over the cowering pug and headed off towards the evil house. Chico gave up his search for that night and settled down in his little den. He went to sleep with a rumbling tummy and thoughts of food.

Chico woke suddenly and ran outside to throw up. The trash from yesterday must have had poison in it. He thought of the Dane eating the poisoned trash and getting beat by the lady with the broom. Chico laughed to himself. Serves him right. He pranced away from his den once again on an endless search for a meal.


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