An Apology to my Heart

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Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



Horrendous skies fill my mind,

There is no companionship for me.
So I'll move ahead, with you behind,
But the pain remains unsubtly.
Broken nails, I walk upon,
Left behind dreams, I ponder on--
Your sympathy, it's long gone,
And I wonder where my love belongs.
Within a forest, my heart is lost,
And through the trails, it goes.
These rejections from which it exhausts,
Tells a tale of woes.
This little heart, wandering about,
Crying its sorrowful plea.
Pouring its feelings (which were devout),
And never to feel the glee.
My poor red friend, I have failed you--
By never giving you the chance;
Despite your color, you've been only blue,
Now you're falling to a trance.
I can never repay you, for what I've done.
Deprived you of your one true cause.
I refrain from love, because it isn't fun--
Now I ask: at what cost?
The aching in my chest has begun, 
And aspirin is of no relief--
The once felt beat,
Has went away,
It has stopped,
And I have lost.
Although you may beat no more,
I still consider you a friend--
You were there, despite the abuse...
I only hope you forgive me.
My awkward tale of a heart,
That never felt real love,
And the irony is--
It is only I to blame, for the pain he endured.

© Copyright 2018 Jacob Galloway. All rights reserved.

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