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Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



Throughout this journey of life,

I've drawn many conclusions.
And much to my surprise,
The often become disproven.
And I fall behind you,
But only for a second.
For I worry of losing you,
So I run--not beckon.
Is happiness short-lived?
For you seem eternal--
And because of my amazement,
I cannot frown.
My heart beats faster,
And I try to control it--
But nerves on end,
Cannot be put to rest.
I want to hold your hand,
But I ponder if it is right,
And I fear you'll say so,
And realistically, you might.
With words weaker than feathers,
Expressing affection is no easy task;
Yet like the human I am,
My stubborn efforts resume.
I become lost in my thoughts of you,
And you're simply so inspiring,
But yet, you're not here...
Where have you gone to, my love?
Your disappearance makes me sad,
And now I am lonely--
This sadness overwhelms me,
And now happiness is gone.
Our happiness has one ending,
And it is the farthest from storybook--
For even when we least expect it--
Tragedy strikes us all.
And now, I am gone.

© Copyright 2017 Jacob Galloway. All rights reserved.

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