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Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



How was
Benny's mother asked.

It was good,
Benny said,
thinking of Tilly
and him
at her uncle's place
in the spare bed.

What did you
do there?
Mother said,
unpacking his washing
from his small bag
and sorting it
for the wash.

Looked around
the shops
and the park
and relaxed
the small TV
in the room
of the B&B;,
he said,
musing on Tilly
lying down
on the sofa
with him at her
uncle's place,
TV programmes,
kissing and touching,
having eaten
fish and chips
bought from
the shop nearby.

Tilly was away
at her uncle's place
last week,
so her
mother said,
Benny's mother said.

Where is that?
Benny said,
looking out
the window
trying not to pay
too much attention
to what was said.

Her mother didn't say,
you know what
she's like never says
too much about things,
his mother said,
moving off
with the washing.

He mused
on Tilly, hoping
Tilly's mother
never said
about Richmond
and the uncle's place,
or his and her mother
would put one
and one together
and come up
with two,
and her mother
would blow her top
and that would be it
all over the village
like a plague
in medieval times.

He mused on Tilly
lying in the bed
legs spread
arms wide
such love
such sex
is best to hide.

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