Earth: 4022 A.D.

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Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



They can sense what the drones
are sensing. They can see what the
drones are seeing.

They can walk hundreds of miles
without exhaustion. Thirst and muscle
pulls are alien to them.

Priviledged and lucky they feel,
living without worry of food, wars,
death or taxes. 

Yes, death! They
have found an elixir to immortality -
not in the stars, but within their
bodies. Genetic strands responsible
for aging were destroyed.

Their bodies, you see,
are filled with mercury-like
liquid that carries information
to the brain;
communicates with a health chip
embedded close to the spine on the neck,
detecting any body anomalies;
repairing broken or worn out body tissues.

They don't believe in existence of a Super Consciousness.
They don't know anything about love or romance.
They can feel, taste or react.
They are ant-like in existence.
They are trans-humans;
half humans, half robots.

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