Letter to my Soulmate

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Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



My Darling,

            You know I'm not good in expressing myself
            in words, but somehow I've managed to gather
            a few words from my thoughts.

            I've done so because you understand the pain
            behind my smile; the fear behind my firm face;
            the low esteem behind my loud appearance....

            You've shown me it's alright to be as I am.
            You've shown me I have a purpose in life.
            You've loved me the way I would only dream
            or fantasize about.

            There's no other woman I know can listen
            to my soul, as you do. I feel as though I've
            known you for thousands of years.

            We are of a different culture,
            yet we have intuition about each other,
            even a thousand miles away.
            In my next life,
            I won't get another woman who loves me
            as I am, as you do. If I do get one,
            I'll know it's you!

            If you are reading this letter,
            that means you've somehow found it in
            the time capsule. I wasn't ready to tell
            you what I feel about you. I just sensed
            that time would reveal itself,
            when you'd be ready to read this letter,
            and when I'd be ready to know that you
            know how I really feel about you....

                                                                      Yours Lovingly,

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