Within your mind

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Your mind is strange and growing, but it will soon come to be something godlike.

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



Within your mind,

I would find

Many thoughts -

Similar to mine.

Many thoughts,tried

And tested but died

Young deaths with a

Mind you've to divide.


In a field tilled,

For thoughts to be milled

In a place of mind

To yet be filled.

You wait and mulled,

You believed to be billed

But my friend, your thoughts

Were the only ones killed.


Within you mind

I would find

Many thoughts -

Similar to mine.


Alas, it was a younger me -

One who wasn't to be,

One who was immature,

And one who wasn't free.


Your life to come must

Be formed of thoughts just,

Which will aid your progress

And establish trust.


Life is short,

That is taught,

Alas it's the longest

Thing we thwart.

The lie you bought

That which you fought

Should be unlearned

From the mind it burnt.


Who are you, to not

Evolve, as you aren't a bot

And you can change -

You can change a lot!

A life, a change

both on the same page

Of a long short story

Forged by a mage


Your thoughts are your craft -

And a craftsman you're pathed

To be of your life

And you are not trapped.


I believe you to learn,

And from which, you will earn

A better life with a changed

Thought pattern churned

Life is fluent and

Life is simple, banned

Content is there to contain,

Or stop fires being fanned


Choose wisely, my friend -

Don't let your thoughts end.

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