A Story Of Your Name

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A famous story of you and your life.

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



Life is short and life is weird,

Alas nothing in life should be feared

As we wander through the world

From birth 'till death, with skin seared

By experience and lessons learned

And memories which are burned

Into our minds and souls,

But more the tale we pandered.


What do our lives matter

When we're doing less and getting fatter

And you believe it won't impact

On the millions of other titter-tatter?

Truth is, even the best don't get far

So truthfully, you should set the bar

Where you can reach it, what's possible -

because impossible dreams stop at the alarm.


What matters the most isn't the stats,

But the story starting right off the bat

When you do something great

And you keep going, moving forward – just that.

The story you tell from a young age

Is temporary and will soon fade beige

But what matters is how long your story will stay -

Will you last a month or a decade?


Where will your impact be?

Because, to be honest, between you and me,

What you should look at is local fame -

Become a legacy over a celebrity.

Once celebrities die, they face from the eye

Because the news is gone, no matter if they try

They will never last as long as a story in history

But local tales last more than you can buy.


Life is scary and life is strange

But you need to think of the things you're to change

To make a story for yourself and others alike,

To get aboard the importance trains

On the carriages mistreated and unused,

When mentioned as good, people are bemused

And compared to the comfy other side look pathetic

But this train, at least, has its metal fused.


In life, you want to be an optimist

But you can't; it makes you a pessimist -

Help lesserness and low dreams from a future

You know won't be realist.

But brains are reprogrammable and can change

If old plans fail, put them up in flames

And try again, our brains are great

And can make great towers from tiny grains.


Legacy can rise and fall with the wind,

But as celebrities become the latest trend

You get drowned out, but in the whispers

Your name has been pinned.

So look to life as a challenge of courage

And it's tough, but to be seen, you cross the ridge

Between bothering and passively complaining

So from the wreckage of the celebrities, you will pillage.

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