Stranger In A Full Moon

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Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



When we were young, we were told all the stories, saw the films and spoke to one another all about them. They were designed to scare and fascinate, and even sometimes illustrate a point in a story. They were used for entertainment values as times went on, but their lore and origins began hundreds, if not thousands, of years beforehand in human history. Creatures and beings that were not of holy birth, or had become cursed or corrupted by rituals and sins.
Vampires were people that lost their souls and relished on the blood of innocents, but not held back on attacking those of less favour. Werewolves, a race like vampires that spread via physical contact with others. Unlike vampires, werewolves don't infect others due to a need for blood or even a sense of company, but rather a reminder of the destruction they leave in their wake. Walking scars for others to live in torture as they struggle to keep their humanity. Though both are capable of great evil, they are slaves to their desires and needs, not like demons. Grotesque and twisted, they take many forms to whatever suits their purpose. Capable of possession, they can walk around in the bodies of anyone and exhibit little to no difference to the original personality. However, some become too confident and arrogant displaying their powers for others to see, quickly leading to exorcisms and witch hunts to remove their taint from the host. Amongst these monsters of the night and many others, there were just as many other creatures and beings that didn't seek destruction or pain, but rather peace and to help others. Beings like angels, djinns and even kitsunes (fox-like creatures) were content to hide in the mass of others as they performed actions to benefit others, people they felt were justified of their interaction.

There were a time when these beings were purely considered as writings in fairy tales, the stories for religious followers and stars in horror movie flicks. That time slowly crept away as people began to notice the actions of supernatural creatures influence their society and lives. The day an announcement was made to prove the existence of monsters, angels and other such creatures was met with disbelief, but not major outcry. As the weeks and months followed, the general public began to shift their views and embrace the idea of mythical creatures being a reality. Some considered it a confirmation of their beliefs, whilst others had to reanalyse their opinion of their lives and everything they believed in. Some argued the easement many had of accepting this new culture was due to influencing from the 'Supernaturals' as they came to be known, from years and years of indoctrination of acceptance. Regardless, many still had concerns of their powers and danger many Supernaturals could had on normal humans. It's an issue that many raise in their daily lives, though rival opinions came from Supernaturals and sympathisers in how reckless and ignorant humans had been in their short time on Earth. It took years for both Supernaturals and humans to co-exist with one another, and it is not uncommon for disputes between the two sides to break out. Either be it a human hunting vampires in lower class neighbourhoods, or a djinn claiming humans abused their wish-giving abilities. The cities held the most activity of both sides and it all held an interest to a bored, middle-aged man who spent too much of his time watching out of his small, stained flat window.  

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