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Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



A boy next door

We have always read in the books and saw a few movies on a girl – A girl next door. But, have we ever wondered that there exists a boy also – a boy next door. I mean a boy believes in the simplicity of the life, who is a perfect son, a perfect brother and moreover a perfect human. Who has the same emotions for his beloved like a girl has. Who knows the value of love. I know a boy who was just like this. He is none other than my friend. My best friend. And, I am very sure many of you would relate to this as well.

It was a school reunion party. All friends who parted 4 years back met each other as if there was no tomorrow. Those pranks, those projects, those bunks- those memories. One could can never get enough of it. Everyone was just meeting the high school friends that there entered the princess. The princess of his life. It seemed that the world has stopped there for him. He could not concentrate on anything but just wanted to talk to her. He was  a very shy guy but he somehow gathered his courage and tried to talk to her. And who knew that they would be in touch even after the party. And soon they became the best of the friends. The number of calls grew. There was no day and night for them. They were always there for each other. Both started falling for each other. And, finally the day came when the boy proposed her and being one of those fortunate guys, he got the love of his life. The girl said yes to him. It was the best days of their lives. The boy was  very sincere and sensible. He started to concentrate on his career more because he wanted to settle with her and give her the happiness of the world. Days changed to weeks, weeks to months and months to a year. They were together for 16 months now.

Then, came the time that turned their life upside down. The girl changed her behavior, her demeanour. The boy was shocked to see this side of the girl. He always wandered what led her to behave like this. But, all his dreams got shattered when the girl told him about her engagement with another guy. The boy was all broken. The girl told him that the boy she was marrying has the best job and could give her all those things which he was still trying to achieve and she could not wait. The girl left the boy. The girl left the dream that they saw together. The girl left his life in between.

Now, you all must be thinking that this is the same old story. But, have we ever thought how a boy feels when such things to happen to him. We are always available to give sympathy to a girl. But, have we ever tried to dig into the feelings of a guy and see how worst he feels. See how broken he is. The answer is NO. We are so into feminism these days that we have forgotten that boys also have heart. They also have emotions. They can also be the victims. They also feel vacant when the love of their life leaves them. No one can even feel that the emotional pain leads to the physical pain with certain types of anxieties. It destroys the world.

You all know the pain of breaking up. But, when it is done for another person , it is very excruciating. It is the feeling of loss. Or I should the feeling of loneliness and despair. To end this, I would request all the girls out there, that if you know what it feels like to you , it is not less for boys even. Respect them. Respect their emotions. We should admire such boys. A salute to all of them. :-)


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