By the river's edge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: All the Lonely People

Disclaimer: This may be a little much on those that are sensitive to death and suicide. I also do not believe that suicide is a option so don't use this as a confirmation to do so. Please talk to someone you can trust if you think suicide is a necessary option or will be something you will do.

Otherwise, enjoy this short story and let me know if you want more of this kind of content :D

By the river's edge




The view is unbearable. The water rushing down, and through the deep, green forest. The sound filling my head as the splashing and the mixing and the turning of water swirled around my head. Sunlight from my backside, shines over my shoulders and upon the river. The lights reflection blinds me every few seconds making it hard to focus on the water itself. So I focus on the other side of the water. The other side where the forest continues into a dark, unsettling scenery.


And this view, was unbearable.


I sat there, on a big rock that over looked this river. It sat itself high enough to be a deadly drop if I fell. But I sat there, on the edge, feet bare, dangling over the flowing water.


And all I could think of was her.


She filled my mind, like the noise of the river. But even though she was a noise, I didn't think of it as an annoyance. The thought of her made me feel calm, and a bliss fills my heart. But now a day, it is accompanied with guilt, sorrow, and anger. It hurts so much. But I can't stop thinking about her because she is apart of my heart. But it's like a drug. Slowly turning into a sick, and painful overdose. I was overdosed in the thought of her. And the main prescription was the question,

“Why did she have to die?”


Then he appeared.


Like an overcast shadow under the sun, he made his swift, shivering, cold entrance. I turned my head to my right, to look at the sight of a dark cloaked figure. His face was covered by darkness but an outline could be made. It formed some sort of terrible shape. So I didn't investigate much further than that, but his glowing red eyes were focused upon the water below him.


“Many of you humans ask the same question, Zack.” His voice gave me a slight jump. It was scratchy, dark and metallic. The tone was serious and lifted by deep wonder.


“Who are you?” I studdered. I am looking at some sort of alien being and I am ready to run away any moment. So I push my hands against the rock that I was sitting on to prepare for an escape.


“Many ask that question too. Zack, my name is Death.”




“Death? As in, actual death?”




I found a shiver of fright run down my spine. My breathing grew quicker and my eyes widened.


“W-what are you doing here?”


“I'm here to tell you about Laura.”




My face changed expressions, thoughts were replaced and my mouth started to run like a freight train.

“Laura? You know why she died so soon? Can you bring her back?! Can she be saved!!?”


“Hush now!” His voice was raised and stern. It shut me up pretty quickly.


“I can only bring the living to the dead. To reverse the cycle you would need to talk to mother nature about changing the laws of life.” My heart sank. I miss her so much. I want to hug her tightly and tell her how much I love her one more time. But this Death guy wasn't gonna fix that for me, nor anyone else for that matter.


“Oh.” I say as a sigh of hidden pain. But the pain started to reveal itself in the form of tears. And soon after that, I started to cry. Death simply stared at the water. No emotion other that concern. His eyes squinting at the sight of my sadness.


“You humans cry so often. But never truly until you lose someone so dear. It fascinates me.” Hearing this comment from him made me angry. How could he only care about how we cry over loss when he is the definition of death!? With tears flowing like a faucet, I wipe my nose and scream,


“Look, I don't know what you are exactly, but you have no right to say such things! I love her so much! And you took her away! You should be ashamed of yourself!” I try to scream more words out, but I choke on my own sorrow and end up covering my eyes with my hands and sob. I eventually clench my teeth and mutter,


“Fuck you.” and cried even more. All is silent except the sound of my crying, Deaths heavy breathing, and the water down over the edge. Then I hear shuffling from behind my hands. So when I removed them, I noticed that the shadow figure was standing up. After he rose his hood slid of to reveal his head and face. It was a silhouette of some sort of dark matter. It resembled a skull but it exerted a black smoke that smelled like rotting flesh. His eyes slowly turned from the water to the sky.


“You can see her again.” I sat there, puzzled by the words he said.


“What?” I snuffled.


“You can see her again. But you have to do it on your own first.” I stared at him, with my cheeks wet from crying and eyes red from feeling pain from my heart.


“How?” I stare at him, willingly to do whatever he asked me to do to see her once again.


“All you have to do is jump.” His eyes lower down to the water once again. I follow my eyesight down below my feet, hanging over a certain death.




“So are you willing to pay the price to see her again?”


Submitted: September 07, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Swewolf. All rights reserved.

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