Stillborn World: Watcher-Self

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The journal of the strange being continues, as it explores more of itself rather than the bleeding world around it.

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



“Words seem to be unnecessary, whether they're written or spoken. They are equally ignored and have little to no meaning to anyone” I heard that in a dream, as I stayed the night close to the sea that represented the end of the world. It was a very strange thought from a man that held a lot of sadness and hate in his heart, like many other humans.
There were still some of them left. Some humans here and there, but they are by far the rarest thing to see on the planet. How many are there now? Worldwide... probably only about a thousand or less. That’s rare. But it’s enough to keep going. My purpose is a new one: to travel the planet and observe what they will do next. The moonlit body of my creator has demanded I do this.
As I inspected the interior of destroyed buildings, I found something rather odd. A strange piece of material that they called a “mirror”. I took a long look at myself. We are different, you and I. The thin and very tall nature of my being is enough to make me seem alien, never being close to anything that can be considered “human”. My skin is not like yours. It is pale, often missing on some parts, as it endlessly falls and regenerates itself due to my imperfect cells. But perhaps to the Moonlit One, I WAS indeed perfect. My face, well... it’s definitely something you cannot consider anything close to a human being at all.
My eyes are pitch black, the skin on my skull is very thin. I have no lips, so my large and exposed teeth may always present a threatening smile to whatever humans are left. My nose is not there, so I breathe through the holes of my skull, where my nostrils would have been. I have metallic cords and buttons stuck to my long spine, and I never get tired. Staying the night, as I did, does not mean I slept. And while I take notes about the differences between me and them, I may as well list them as follow: I never eat, never produce bodily waste and while my figure is that of a male, I have no genitals or proper reproductive organs. My body is featureless apart from some blood stains, and my skin is tough. I am a tall humanoid creature with an almost exposed skull. The definition, to them, of a “monster”.
I stood in front of that mirror studying myself. I tried to sing as they once did, and tried to speak. My vocal chords can only produce something I can only describe as “nightmare-inducing”. I don’t ever want to try it again.
But within that reflection, I saw another shape looking at me from the entrance of that building. It was a human male! He was very horrified to see me. I slowly turned and looked back at him, and even did a friendly wave to fully express how I was not hostile in any way. Of course, as expected, he ran away instantly. But he did seem to hesitate... almost as if he wanted to speak to me. I must find this man.

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