Secret drawer

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Let it all out.

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



I opened the blood cover drawer filled with empty desires. First, less than an inch. I could see it. The failures, the mistakes, and regrets; they crept out slowly, just as afraid as I was of letting them out. Black tree roots slithered through the edges, draging themselves across the floor like a giant cobra stretching itself after being locked up for a long time. Another inch. Black and grey butterflies with broken wings fluttered out into nothingness. One more inch and the drawer was halfway there. Dark branches surrounded me like a haunted forest that would only be seen at night. It was all there, staring at me, wondering how I would react. Everything I ever feared... It suddenly didn't seem to haunt me anymore. All horrid and terrifying reaveled itself from the murkiness and rose at my feet.  Except now it was different. It was there, unable to hide behind my back and push me when it wanted to. It was before me, and I was left awestruck.

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