Night Raid and the Master Teigu

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Fanfic off of the anime Akame Ga Kill.

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016




" That'll be 10 yen." Said the fruitstand keeper.

"10?" I asked " I only have 5."

" Well if you want everything here..."

" I do!" I said hotly. I was ready go back to home base. I cant beleive Akame only gave me 100 yen for all this stuff! Plus the fact I have to carry all of these bags by myself! I groaned." Can we mabye make a trade?"

" I suppose so." He said. His eyes went down to the onyx  locket on my chest. " I'll take that locket."

" Sorry." I said. "I can't give you this. It has too much sentimental value. How about you take the five, and I'll pay you back later." I said and held out the yen. I closed my eyes for two seconds and the locket started to warm against my skin.

  " No, no it's fine. Just take it." He said looking confused at first, as if he wasn't sure what he was saying.

  " Oh, no! I couldn't do that!." I said with fake concern.

  " No, really." He said more surely this time. He handed me a bag with my purchase in it. " It's alright."

 " Thank you!" 

  " You're welcome." He said. " I put my adress on top in case you wanted to get together sometime!"

  " Thanks." I said, rolling my eyes as I walked away through the busy market. I sighed. Some men are so gullible. I thought, walking off.

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