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Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



It is not until I sit among

the doers and the damned

that I see clearly

what sets them apart 

from I.


They feel, they hurt,

they cry

a lot.

They fall, they bleed,

yet don't give up,

always having someone there

to hold their heart.


But I was wrong,

when I chose to dream,

when I chose to live a lie

instead of face the truth.


I was wrong

when I locked my heart

inside a cage

and threw away the key.



fiction became reality,

no way to know the difference

between the people I created

and those who were real.


I pushed away the ones who cared,

the moment I tossed

the key,

but now, I see,

how wrong I was,

to close my heart

to all but me.


To protect my heart and soul,

I became lonely,

yet it is what I did not know

that hurt the most -

loneliness, in terms of hurt,

comes second to none at all.


Now here I am,

sitting amongst the doers and the damned,

where I see


your hands wide open,

and in your smile,

the key to my cage.

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