Silent Thoughts

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Midnight random thoughts

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016




An empty street,

An empty home,

An empty room

A silent moon


I am here on the verandah

Sipping a glass of Jack Daniels

Silent thoughts at 2 am

Drift through my mind

Just me and my thoughts


Father once asked me;

Have you ever climbed Everest?
Have you ever sailed the ocean?

Have you ever touched the rainbow?


Reach for the moon

Even if you miss it

You’ll still have the stars

Listen to your heartbeat
It only takes one step

to start a journey

of a thousand miles



A wise man also said;

Just keep walking in that direction
To the end of the tunnel
The wind will blow in your face
But keep walking

Hear that voice inside you
It's the call of your heart
Follow it and you will find
The passage out of the dark



A thousand silent thoughts

Bottled up inside my head

Wish I could turn back time

And freeze all those happy moments

One last time



Daydreams are silent
Midnight sun will never shine

The hiri will carry you to paradise
Just the ramblings of a fool
Who pretends to be a poet


I was halfway to the moon

When I slipped and fell

To the bottom of the ocean

In darkness there lies hope


It doesn’t matter

Where you come from

Or where you’ve been

All that matters

Is where you’re going



Midnight whispers

Lovers giggle and cuddle up

Copulating –

Will this country’s health care

And education system

Cater for the population boom?



Somewhere in the distance

Impoverished children

Gape with empty eyes

While rich old men

Spoil their young dates

To a fancy buffet


Men are born equal

Yet some people live in palaces

And others live in squatters



It's too cold outside
For angels to fly

I keep my hopes and dreams

Inside of me
No one sees the bruises

that I'm covering

An angel dies


I’m just a simple guy

I don’t drink latte or cappuchino

And I don’t eat lasagne everyday


I love my highlands mumu

And my highlands kumu



Memories that were locked away

Somewhere in the deepest corners

Of my mind emerge

Thought the feeling would go away


But your voice and face

Keep appearing in my mind

Your beautiful eyes

Did your parents steal

The stars from the sky

And put them in your eyes?


My head says yes

But my heart says no

Wish I never had to choose

I’ve been walking down

This same old road


Maybe one day

Our paths will cross

Somewhere on the horizon



But everywhere I turn

I see reflections of all the lies

Life is one big illusion


Silent thoughts wander

Around in my mind

Like a jigsaw puzzle

On this cold, lonely morning

I wish my mind would stop thinking

And maybe I'll find some peace.


© Copyright 2019 Jordan_Dean. All rights reserved.

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