A Love Poem

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Love and emotions

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016




I’m your ‘twilight’s child’

In the blue gardens of dawn

When the soul is quiet;

I’ll whisper to you the secrets of morning


I’m your ‘pearl in the mist’

When you’re lost in the journey of life

And you think you’re blown away

Like a petal in the wind;

I’ll show you the gates of paradise


I’m your ‘white, hot angel’

When the mountains too high to climb

And you can’t go another mile alone;

I’ll help you carry on


I’m your ‘Romeo’

With the passage of cloudy days

When you’re listening to the drumming rain

Trickle, trickle, trickle;

I’ll shelter you from the rain


I’m your ‘golden shooting star’

In the darkest hour of night

When shadows shrink and rise

And you’re too blind to find your way home;

I’ll rescue you from the storm


I’m your ‘prince charming’

When the lines of tension dig themselves

Deeper and deeper into your face

Like the print of ugly memories

And there’s no one to comfort you;

I’ll be your strength, I’ll keep you warm


I’m your ‘apple in the eye’

When you feel immobilized

And there’s nothing to hold onto;

I’ll give you hope


I’m your ‘hidden jewel’

Of tarnished gold and all that glitters

In the garden of fallen hearts;

I’ll make your dreams come true


I’m your ‘doctor of love’

When the ties of love seem to be unwinding

And the ribbons of your heart

Are deeply lacerated;

I’ll sing to you a melody—

A love song

To heal your crippled heart.


Picture courtesy of Tanya Joahnna

© Copyright 2019 Jordan_Dean. All rights reserved.

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