Why Is It Simply A Passing Time?

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Everything in our lives is a spur of the moment. Think of a past boyfriend that you wished you still had. Or a best friend that you wished you had never lost. Why do these things happen? And most importantly, why is it such a short period of time before it all rushes down the drain?

Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Why are you simply running from what happened? Your heart twists in the pain of yesterday, yet you can barely tell which pains belong to the certain event of which they came. Your hair was greasy and matted for a month, your pajamas were non-concealing of what you began to do to yourself.

What had she done to you? And that boyfriend of yours, your ex-boyfriend. What had he done? They did this to you. Sometimes you just laugh everything off and act like you're okay, but I know. I know the truth you hide, honey. You're funny. That just tells me the whole story.

The funniest people are the ones in the most pain, trying to give themselves a laugh. When they laugh so hard that they start to cry, it's because their demons came back to the surface. In that moment, their whole life flashes before their eyes. That is the moment that they truly begin to cry.

They cry the tears nobody ever cared about. When you told her you don't wanna put up with people anymore, to just end it all. You meant that. You were very serious. Of course, at that time, you had a knife at your throat. You were just saying goodbye to your best friend. Of course, you wanted her to be happy, so you wait. And you wait...and wait. Hours later, she's back. She answers. "Bye?" She asks. "What's 'Bye' for?"

You lay the blade next to you, glad you finally get to talk to her. "Nothing," You type, tears rolling down your face as you hear your name screamed from somewhere in the apartment. Your sibling and parent are calling for you, fearing the worst. "I'm...moving."

She replies back within seconds. "Didn't you move last month?" You smile a bit. Maybe she caught on, who knows. She's a very smart girl. Older than you too. Only if she knew the truth and what was happening that caused it. You stop for a moment, biting your lip to keep quiet.

"Somewhere even better," You say, laying your head on your lap for a moment to stifle a sob. "It'll be better!"

She sends you a smiley face, which makes your heart break into a thousand pieces. "Text me when you have the time, kay, m8?" That makes it worse.

But it makes your fingers move anyway. You send a smiley face back, which you rarely ever do. "Okay. I will. Don't forget about me, alright? Promise me. And do me a favor. Have fun with Johnny." You send one more smiley face before you chuck the expensive IPhone at the wall and break it.

The knife sticks to your hand like it was meant to be. The blade slides so smooth against your flesh as it gets sliced open, splaying a dark red over the wall and coats in front of you.



And that's the story of how I got Broken Heart Syndrome. :D I got over it though, went through other crap and a boyfriend. :3 Anyway. I hope it taught you something. Bye bye, hon.

~ Echo <3

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Why Is It Simply A Passing Time?

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