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Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 08, 2016



When I was 14, i started on with my was a pretty fine day, I woke up ,was carrying out with my usual stuffs when I happened to disccover that I had ," grown up" (atleast that's what they say).

The funny part was that when I discovered my accidental growth,I was alone with my dad at home.Being brought up in an Indian society,I was technically not allowed to share something like that with him.I never knew this until one day i heard my mom telling this to my elder sister and I overheard.

Lost in the hassle,I was alarmed when I spotted the red patch on my knickers.."Damn it!" was what I shouted out.Not because I witnessed something unusual but because it had spolit my favourite knicker..!

The next thing I know is being helped by my dad(indirectly though).The cramps had already started building up and god they are miserable..

So I have began questioning this lately that why in a society like ours,where girls our worshiped , mensturation is such a taboo? why is a girl on her periods considered to be impure? And why in god's name is she considered as the trash of the house for those 5 days?

Are we faking the reality? Are we so namby-pamby to accept and embrace the truth? Or are we simply intimidated by the way we are created naturally?

It's just a matter of ignoring the shortcomings and celebrating the bents.





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