The Story Of My Cat Mr. BoJangles

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This is a story of the journey of one cat named me. Bojangles where he lived. What happened came to pass.

Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 08, 2016




The Story Of My Cat Mr. BoJangles


Hello, my name is Mr. BoJangle, but to shorten it my daddy calls me Bo. Where was I? Oh yeah!  I was born on April 19th, 2008 on Mineral street in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was born with another brother and two sisters Buddy, Molly and Dinky (R.I.P) she died when she was 6 weeks old our dog guardian Gracie still a puppy herself tried to get her from behind the stove. OK. I am not going to get into the grisly details... Then shortly after that my daddy found a kitten about our age and brought him in to live with us his name is Juan it started off as little one. Then It ended up turning into Juan.


Baby Juan.jpg576694_10151461514765018_78083634_n.jpg

My mama Snickers took to him right away and made him her own.  Daddy had to train all of how to use the litter box. Great now there is sand between my toes. Just a minute let me clean my paws... all done it's hard to type with sand in my paws.  Then in July my daddy and his friend James decided that we were going to move to Arizona. Then on September 2nd of 2008, we loaded up the truck and were on our way.  But daddy forgot a few minor details. Like the litter box. A "Meow like a laugh" I had to go potty so, I went on daddy's friend's lap. Trial and error my daddy says. He the stopped at the nearest Walmart and picked up two disposable litter boxes and were set. Are guardian dog Gracie was in Arizona




already cause daddy and his friend took a vacation there with her. Also, before we left my mama went to a new home. Before we left my brother and sister already went to their new homes and my daddy kept me.







I Guess you can say I am a well-traveled kitty. I have been through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, New Mexico, and then to my new home in Arizona. Our guardian dog Gracie was very happy to see us and chased us around the house... I even made some new doggie friends and another cat friend... that's right one big happy family.  





Then one day someone left the window open at night. I knocked the screen out to try to go after a mouse. And got lost when I was done chasing it. My daddy looked for me all night and all day and never gave up on me. I eventually came home 24 hours later. Then a couple days later daddy had to fly home for Grandmas wedding with his friend James. While they were gone I had to go the vet and have my paw lanced open to remove a cactus prong from my paw. The Vet said that would heal from the inside out. Heal from the inside out is what i did.








Then after five years daddy decided to move back to Wisconsin. But this time, we took a plane and flew over all the states we drove through five years earlier... I got scared and peed myself. We made it here safely... then me andJuan went to aunty

Cassey's house.Daddy came to see us whenever he had a free moment... we were there for a year.  Then we went to another friends house for two months. Then daddy came and got us... we were one big happy family again along with auntie Jess in Bohner's lake... after a couple of months daddy was told to leave cause he refused to clean the other cat's litterbox he cleaned ours.






That's when I got out I hid under the stairs outside daddy left but came back to Juan and some other things and me... I know daddy said some things but I know he didn't mean it he was just upset.


It has been two months and my daddy has not stopped looking for me... I have been spotted here and there and people call my Name I hear them I look at them then I take off cause I am scared and lost I just need help

Finding my home.

have never stopped looking for him, or given up hope that he is alive somewhere a new family that loves him just as muchas Do.






"No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat." Leo Dworken




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